If you want to spend time in a safe and healthy environment while delving into fun and adventure activities, look no further than New Zealand. The country has a unique, diverse, and inviting culture where you get the opportunity to mingle with the friendly locals.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) makes it easy for you to visit the country with its visitor visa options. You must procure a ticket to leave the country after your visit and have enough funds to support your and your family's expenses during your stay.

Do you need a Visitor Visa or an NZeTA to visit New Zealand?

You must get an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) authorization to visit New Zealand if you are from a visa waiver country. You will still need to satisfy specific conditions for your travel to qualify for an NZeTA.

You must procure a New Zealand Visitor Visa if you:

  • Are not from a visa-waiver nation
  • Plan on spending more than 3 months in New Zealand (6 months for UK travelers)

Even if you would have otherwise qualified for an NZeTA, specific conditions will require getting a Visitor Visa. For instance, if you have:

  • Been to prison in the past - you will need a Character Waiver to proceed
  • Significant medical problems - you will need a Health Waiver before INZ grants you a visitor visa
  • Had a history of engaging in criminal or terrorist acts - you may need aSpecial Direction to persuade INZ to approve your application
  • Deportation history from any country

Note that you do not need both an NZeTA and a Visitor Visa; you need just one of them based on your situation. It is okay to be confused; the determination is not straightforward in all cases.

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How long can you stay in New Zealand on a Visitor Visa?

New Zealand Visitor Visa allows for a stay of 9-18 months. You may, however, request another 3 months (there is a limit of 12 months in 24 months), if you:

  • Need additional time to wrap-up your travel plan
  • Cannot leave the country due to reasons not under your control
  • Have applied for New Zealand residency for the first time

You are not allowed to obtain another visitor visa if you have recently spent a total of 12 months in New Zealand; you must stay out of the country for 12 months before you become eligible again.

If you wish to apply for an extension of 3 months, INZ will need to see that you did not study, work or get sponsorship during your stay. You will also need to prove that you took care of your financial expenses on your own during your visit.

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What are the terms of New Zealand Visitor Visa?

INZ places specific conditions on your New Zealand Visitor Visa. You can study for 3 months in a 12-month period, but you cannot work on a Visitor Visa.

Make sure you satisfy multiple-entry travel requirements if you plan on entering/leaving New Zealand more than once during your visitor visa term.

On an NZ visitor visa, you can:

  • Include your partner and dependent children (less than 19 years of age) in your visa application
  • Visit friends and family, explore the country’s landscapes, participate in amateur sports and engage in adventure hobbies.

Unless your Visa says "Return/onward travel not required," you will need the following to make an onward journey:

  • A sponsor who is agreeing to pay for your ticket from New Zealand to the country you wish to go to – if you are authorized to enter that country, or
  • Proper travel documents and valid ticket to visit the other country

What is the cost and time to obtain a New Zealand Visitor Visa?

The typical processing time for an NZ visitor visa application is 12-30 days. However, INZ applies different policies and procedures depending on which country you belong to. Also, not submitting the correct information in the prescribed format may lead to further delays.

All New Zealand Visitor Visa applications must be furnished with English translations for medical certificates and police verifications. Our immigration advisers have a lot of experience in ensuring you do not have to suffer delays or rejection of your visitor visa due to mistakes in submitting the required supporting information.

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