Aotearoa - The Land of the Kiwis

New Zealanders love the Kiwi a lot - It is both the national animal and bird. The Kiwi may be flightless, but you can get your wings and fly to the country by getting visas to visit New Zealand. You can visit New Zealand on your own or bring your family along on your visitor visa. Immigration New Zealand allows groups to visit New Zealand with their Group Visitor Visa option.

Visitor Visa

You will need a Visitor Visa or an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) authorization to travel to New Zealand on a short visit. NZeTA applies to visitors from countries considered by New Zealand as visa waiver countries.

Some specific conditions require people from visa waiver countries to also apply for a Visitor Visa. Don’t be confused - Professional Visa Solutions stands by your side to simplify things and get you the required travel documents to visit New Zealand cost - effectively and efficiently.

Group Visitor Visa

Immigration New Zealand provides the convenience of a Group Visitor Visa for people traveling together to New Zealand for a common purpose. Nominate a leader responsible for organizing the trip and taking care of common travel arrangements - the nominee can get the Group Visitor Visa for the entire unit.

Given that a New Zealand entity supports most group visits, you may be covered for most visa requirements by your sponsor. Our Auckland-based team makes it a snap for you to get your Group Visitor Visa.