Are you looking for a convenient way of taking care of New Zealand’s arrival and visa formalities for your entire group travelling to the country for a common purpose? Nominate a leader to organize your trip and take care of your group’s travel arrangements. Immigration New Zealand (NZ) makes it easy for your leader in applying for a Group Visitor Visa for your group’s visit.

How do you qualify for a Group Visitor Visa?

Besides the good character and health requirements laid down by INZ along with other common visa conditions, here are some criteria specific to New Zealand Group Visitor Visa:

  • All members of the group must visit and leave New Zealand at the same time
  • The group leader must complete a “Group Visa Application”
  • Every group member must furnish a “Visitor Visa Application
  • You must have tickets to travel or enough funds to buy them – Unless the visa says “Return/onward travel not required”, you must have a valid ticket to leave the country at the end of your visit
  • The group must be able to support themselves financially during their stay. A sponsor can also bear the costs.

How long can you stay in New Zealand on a Group Visitor Visa?

INZ typically approves 1 month of stay on a Group Visitor Visa. However, you can live for more than a month if your trip is longer – for instance, a study tour.

What are the obligations of a sponsor of a Group Visitor Visa?

Most Group Visitor Visas are undertaken for a common cause and sponsored by a New Zealand entity. Among other things, INZ will need the sponsor to be responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring that the sponsored visitors have things like health care, clothing and food to take care of their well-being in New Zealand
  • Providing the visitors with a suitable place to stay in the country – the sponsor may pay for the accommodation or arrange for it directly
  • Paying the cost of sponsored visitors’ return ticket to their country, if the visitors do not do it on their own
  • If any sponsored visitor becomes liable for deportation, pay the costs involved in finding, detaining and transporting the person back to his/her home country

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What criteria must be satisfied by a sponsor for Group Visitor Visa?

Government agencies, charitable societies, incorporated societies, registered companies, tertiary institutions, school boards of trustees and citizens/residents of New Zealand can sponsor Group Visitor Visa applications. Note that sponsorship does not guarantee visa approval – all Group Visitor Visa applicants still need to meet the requirements for a New Zealand Visitor Visa.

The sponsors must:

  • Establish a clear link between their activities and the reason for the group’s visit
  • Not be providing sponsorship in return for a fee or financial reward
  • Never have been convicted for any immigration-related crimes
  • Not have breached visa sponsorship terms in the past
  • Authorise a contact person who will be responsible for the undertakings of the sponsorship
  • Not be bankrupt or in insolvency proceedings

How much time and money does it take to get a Group Visitor Visa?

If you work with an ADS (Approved Destination Status) agent, you may get your approval in as less as 5 days. However, if you approach the INZ directly, expect a turn around time of 28 days or so.

If you are working with a sponsor to meet specific requirements of your New Zealand Group Visitor Visa, additional time may be required to put together and present the evidence needed by INZ to qualify the sponsor.

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