Visas to Work in New Zealand

The New Zealand way of working is to think and work autonomously. Kiwis pay a lot of focus on collaboration and working well with others to accomplish business goals.

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Kiwi-Style Business

Smaller Scale and Higher Involvement

INZ offers multiple temporary and resident visas to work in New Zealand. You can choose from Essential Skills Work Visa, different Work to Residence Visas, Working Holiday Visa and Skilled Migrant Category Visa. Every work visa comes with its own process, length and qualification criteria. It is easy to get lost in the maze – our Auckland based immigration experts know the intricate details of all visas to work and can simplify the process for you.

Essential Skills Work Visa

You have a full-time employment offer from a New Zealand employer for a position they could not fill with any fitting local New Zealander. Not only that, you also have the experience and qualifications needed for the position – you are a perfect fit to apply for an Essential Skills Work Visa.

Essential Skills Work Visa is a bit tricky as you have to deal with ANZSCO bands and meticulous documentation to satisfy the qualification criteria – Professional Visa Solutions immigration experts are standing by to help.

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Work to Residence Visa

Upgrade to a better quality of life by using the Work to Residence Visa options. A Work to Residence Visa will allow you to gain New Zealand residence so you can avail various publicly funded services. Not only that, you will be able to enjoy the excellent working conditions forever.

However, it does not come easy. Work to Residence Visas have very stringent requirements to be met to qualify for residence. Our immigration experts are right here, in Auckland – so you can walk in any time for a personal consultation related to your New Zealand work visa.

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Working Holiday Visa

New Zealand has working holiday arrangements in place with select countries – this allows citizens from these nations to explore the fun side of the country while working part-time. However, the conditions of the Working Holiday Visa are not standard across all members.

Working Holiday Visa allows you to holiday in New Zealand while you work a little. But, if you breach any conditions of your visa, you may land in deep waters, like deportation. You can count on Professional Visa Solutions to protect your immigration interests.

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Skilled Migrant Category

If you can satisfy New Zealand’s needs of qualifications, experience and skills based on the points system used by Immigration New Zealand, Skilled Migrant Category Visa may be the perfect choice for you.

However, the Skilled Migrant Category Visa is an invitation-based system. You need to score a minimum number of points and satisfy the narrow qualification criteria to be eligible for this work visa – our Auckland based immigration experts have some tricks up their sleeves to help you even if you fail to qualify during your self-assessment.

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