Do you want to join your partner already staying in New Zealand or want to accompany him/her to the country? You need to apply to Immigration New Zealand (INZ) for a Partnership Based Visa.

How do you qualify for a Partnership Based Visa?

INZ applies different qualification criteria for Partnership Based Visas based on the primary resident or temporary visa category. Based on your situation, you may have multiple visa options. The choice you make will determine what New Zealand social services you can avail during your stay.

Here are some criteria you will need to satisfy to qualify for a Partnership Based Visa; you must:

  • Be in a sincere and steady relationship with the primary visa holder
  • Must be living with your partner
  • Ensure your partner satisfies the eligibility requirements to support your application and is willing to do so
  • Satisfy INZ's good character and health requirements

If your partner (primary visa holder) is an Australian permanent resident or citizen with New Zealand as their primary residence, they may also sponsor your Partnership Based Visa.

What parameters does INZ consider when evaluating eligibility for Partnership Based Visa?

Immigration New Zealand considers these factors when deciding on a Partnership Based Visa application:

  • How long have you been with each other?
  • How much time have you spent as a couple?
  • What is your living arrangement?
  • Do you share financial obligations?
  • Are you committed to living with each other?
  • Are any children involved and what kind of care arrangements do you have in place?
  • How many properties do you share or mutually own?
  • Do you share regular household chores?
  • Does society recognise your relationship?

The most challenging part of your Partnership Based Visa application is to establish partnership eligibility and is often the reason for rejection by the INZ. Do not take chances with your visa. Let our Auckland based team of immigration experts help you with a foolproof application for your Partnership Based Visa. Contact us to book a consultation.

How does INZ define partnership for Partnership Based Visas?

Immigration New Zealand recognises civil unions, legal marriages and de facto relationships between two individuals of the same or opposite sex as a partnership if they have a genuine and stable relationship while living with each other.

In addition to this, you both must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age, consent from parents or legal guardians is needed if any of you is aged 16 or 17.
  • Have met before applying for a Partnership Based Visa
  • Not be in disobedience of Civil Union Act 2004 or Marriage Act 1995 in entering your relationship

Also, both of you must be living together in the same home – this excludes the following situations:

  • Holiday accommodations
  • Flatmate pacts
  • Retaining individual accommodations while spending time at each other's dwellings

What documents does Immigration New Zealand accept as Proof of Partnership?

INZ leans towards official documents to establish eligibility for Partnership Based Visas – the list is long, here are a few acceptable forms of documentation:

  • Certificates to prove marriage or civil union
  • Communication records in physical or electronic form
  • Shared children’s birth certificates
  • Evidence that society accepts your relationship
  • Pictures showing you two together
  • Evidence to establish you both make decisions together
  • Proof of you both spending quality time with each other
  • Evidence of arrangements for shared parenting
  • Joint rental agreements or home loans, asset ownerships, hire purchase pacts and financial accounts
  • Same mailing address
  • Shared utility bills

What if you have been living apart?

If you two have not lived together for a certain time, INZ will assess how the separation may have impacted your relationship. You will be asked to provide details regarding your separation, including:

  • Why were you two living apart?
  • How long did you stay apart?
  • How did you stay in touch while living apart?

Everyone goes through complications at some point in their relationship. However, some of these factors can potentially impact your Partnership Based Visa application, which makes it essential that you seek advice from an experienced immigration expert. Our team of licensed immigration professionals has helped many clients work through the intricacies of Partnership Based Visa application successfully. Book a consultation to discuss your case.

How long can you stay in New Zealand on a Partnership Based Visa?

The length of your Partnership Based Visa will be the same as your partner's if he/she is on a temporary New Zealand visa.

If your partner is a citizen or resident of New Zealand, you may qualify for a 12 or a 24 month visitor or work visa – this varies depending on how long you both have been in the relationship. You may even be eligible for a resident visa under the Family Partnership category.

Under most categories, your partner can also include you in their New Zealand resident visa application – this includes Skilled Migrant Category.

What cost and time are involved in getting a New Zealand Partnership Based Visa?

The processing time of your Partnership Based Visa depends on the category you file under. For instance, a temporary Partnership Based Visa application may be decided in 30 days to 6 months, whereas a resident Partnership Based Visa may take anywhere from 8 to 10 months.

Complicating factors like Character Issues, Medical Issues and Potentially Prejudicial Information letters from INZ may lead to further delays. We have a lot of experience in helping our clients get timely approvals on their Partnership Based Visas.

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