New Zealand is the Ideal Place to Raise Your Children

New Zealand offers you many options to choose a fitting lifestyle for your family. The country’s education system is recognized across the globe and healthcare is second to none. There are multiple Visas to join family. Your options include Partnership Based Visas, Visas for Dependent Children and Visas for Parents and Grandparents. The choice is not as easy since the rules vary based on the primary visa type. INZ also demands extensive documentation to establish the relationship. Professional Visa Solutions can help you apply for the right family-based Visa.

Partnership Based Visas

Partnership Based Visas allow you to join your partner in New Zealand. Based on the primary applicant’s visa category, you may have multiple visa options to choose from – which may be a good or bad thing; the choice you make will determine what publicly-funded services you can access during your stay in New Zealand.

A lot of partnership based visas get rejected because they fail to prove partnership as INZ defines it for visa purposes. Let our Auckland based team of immigration experts help you with your partnership based visa application.

Visas For Dependent Children

Visas for Dependent Children allow you to bring your kids to New Zealand. You have different options for Visas for Dependent Children based on your visa category. The path you choose to obtain Dependent Child Visa decides what your children can do in New Zealand. For instance, will they be able to attend regular school or not, etc.

Different visa categories have different rules for Visas for Dependent Children. Professional Visa Solutions immigration experts can help you avoid costly mistakes related to Dependent Child Visas.

Visas For Parents And Grandparents

Visas for Parents and Grandparents allow you to bring your older folks to New Zealand for short visits or move them to the country permanently. As part of supporting their visa application, you will need to satisfy the corresponding visa requirements – things like your finances, length of stay, immigration records and criminal history will need to be well-documented.

Your loved ones will also need to convince INZ of their qualification for the corresponding visa category. Our Auckland based immigration experts can help you avoid pitfalls in your visa application process.