New Zealand is a great place to bring your family along on your work, student or visitor visa. However, it does not allow your children to attend regular primary, intermediate or secondary school unless they get a Dependent Child Student Visa.

What are the qualification criteria for a New Zealand Dependent Child Student Visa?

Beyond the conditions to be met for Visas for Dependent Children, the only additional requirement to be met for a New Zealand Dependent Child Student Visa is that the children must be at the right age to attend primary or secondary school.

Note that not all INZ visa categories have a provision for seeking Dependent Child Student Visas. If your child does not qualify for a Dependent Child Student Visa, they may still be eligible for a separate NZ Study Visa such as a Paying Student Visa or a Pathway Student Visa.

If you are in the country on a student visa, you will need to satisfy the following requirements for your child to qualify for a Dependent Child Student Visa:

  • Your child must be less than 19 years old; and
  • You must be a PhD student enrolled in a University recognized by the INZ or be part of an approved exchange student programme; and
  • You must be getting a scholarship from an approved aid programme
Note that your child will need to get a New Zealand Student Visa if they wish to attend school at the tertiary level.

The qualification requirements for a New Zealand Dependent Child Student Visa get complicated because of the exclusion of specific visa categories and peculiar qualification requirements on the visas that do allow for it. Work with our Auckland based team of immigration experts who have a lot of experience in working with all sorts of Dependent Child Student Visas. Book a consultation time slot now.

How long can your child stay on a New Zealand Dependent Child Student Visa?

The duration of a Dependent Child Student Visa is the same as the parent's visa.

Once your child gets his/her Dependent Child Student Visa, they can attend primary, intermediate or secondary school anywhere in New Zealand. They may also get access to free schooling, just like domestic kids.

Can your child work on a New Zealand Dependent Child Student Visa?

Yes, they can. If your child is in 12th or 13th year, the last 2 years of secondary schooling, they can work for a maximum of 20 hours/week when school is open and full-time when the school is closed for holidays. New Zealand does not allow children under 16 to work. If your kids are less than 18 years old, they will need permission from their school, and parents or local guardians before they can begin to work.

What time and cost is involved in getting a New Zealand Dependent Child Student Visa?

INZ typically takes around 73 days to process an NZ Dependent Child Student Visa application.

The Dependent Child Student Visa processing time may vary based on factors such as the parent's immigration status and any Character Issues and Medical Issues that may need special handling.

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