Do you want to take advantage of the Pathway Student Visa Pilot programme? A Pathway Student Visa will allow you to take up to 3 consecutive study courses without having to get a separate New Zealand Student Visa for each course.

To qualify, you must have an offer of admission with one or more Pathway Education Providers. If you can pay your tuition, you will be able to enjoy the high-quality standards of teaching at New Zealand’s primary, secondary and tertiary providers while gaining qualifications that are recognized around the globe.

How do you qualify for a Pathway Student Visa?

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will need to see the following as part of your NZ Pathway Student Visa application:

  • Identity proof
  • Documentation to establish Good Health – if you have Medical Issues, you will need to furnish a Health Waiver
  • Evidence of Good Character, including police certificates transcribed in English – if you have Character Issues, you may need a Character Waiver or a Special Direction
  • Sincere intention of fulfilling the terms of Pathway Student Visa
  • Letter of support from your Pathway education provider to prove their enrollment in a Pathway Student Visa pilot, or joint letter if you intend to study with more than one provider
  • A separate offer of placement from each Pathway education provider
  • Proof of financial ability to pay for your education
  • Documents to prove your financial capacity to support your stay in New Zealand
  • Ticket to exit the country after finishing your pathway study plan or proof of sponsorship/funds to cover the cost of onward travel
  • Medical and travel insurance during your stay
  • Information related to your course and holidays
  • Provide evidence to prove any practical work being a course requirement
  • Proof that you are regular with your attendance and passing your courses – a legitimate reason for absence may sometimes be considered

As you can see, the list is daunting, and you know what – this is not even the entire list. You must work with an experienced immigration consultant to help you navigate the maze of Pathway Student Visa requirements. Professional Visa Solutions has been getting Pathway Student Visa approvals for its clients for a long time. Book a consultation and take advantage of our expertise.

What is the length of Pathway Student Visa?

Pathway Student Visa allows you to live in New Zealand for up to 5 years. INZ keeps the duration of your Pathway Student Visa lengthy enough to allow you to complete your pathway education plan.

A Pathway student visa allows you to:

  • Take up to 3 courses sequentially, one at a time without having to get a separate New Zealand Student Visa for each course
  • Work part-time for 20 hours/week or less while attending school and full-time during the holidays

Note that you cannot include your partner or dependent children in your student visa application – they can, however, apply for their separate visas based on their relationship with you.

For you to continue to stay in New Zealand after you finish your first course, you must meet the pre-requisites for the second and third courses listed on your study pathway.

If you are less than 9 years of age, you must stay with your parents, legal guardians or an NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) facility. Also, you will need written permission to work if you are 16 or 17 years old – the same applies if you are in 12 or 13 years of secondary school.

How much time and money does it take to get a New Zealand Pathway Student Visa?

INZ typically processes NZ Pathway Student Visas in 83 days. However, individual circumstances and lack of proper documentation can lead to further delays.

Our Auckland based team of immigration experts studies your case carefully and puts together a foolproof application to maximize your chances of success. We uncover any hidden issues with your Pathway Student Visa application upfront to reduce rework and keep your costs down while avoiding delays.

Book a consultation and let our licensed immigration advisers help you with the most cost-effective and speedy path to getting your Pathway Student Visa.