Do you want to study full time in New Zealand? Immigration New Zealand (INZ) offers you the opportunity to enrol with an approved education provider and enjoy the excellent teaching standards provided by the country’s revered educational establishments – if you can pay for your courses, you can get qualifications here that are recognized around the globe.

How do you qualify for a New Zealand Student Visa?

This is what INZ will be looking for in your Student Visa application to decide your case:

  • Identity Proof
  • Evidence of good health – you will need to furnish a Health Waiver if you have Medical Issues
  • Proof of good character – police certificates may be required. If you have Character Issues, you will need a Character Waiver or a Special Direction
  • Genuine intention of meeting Student Visa conditions
  • Admission letter from an approved educational establishment – you may also get a Student Visa if your correspondence or distance learning program requires you to visit New Zealand to complete specific education requirements, such as exams or practical studies
  • Evidence of funds to pay for your full education, if you are not somehow exempt
  • Unless you are a PhD student, proof of your insurance to cover your travel and health
  • Evidence of enough finances to support your living in New Zealand
  • Information related to your courses, documentation establishing any practical courses as mandatory course requirements and scheduled holidays

If you have been sponsored or covered by a guarantor, they will need to ensure your living costs are taken care of during your time in the country. Also, if you are found to be liable for deportation, they must pay for all the associated costs. Make sure that your visa says “Financial evidence not required”, or “The holder of this visa is sponsored” – otherwise, you will be asked for proof of finances when you enter New Zealand.

This is not all; the list of data and evidence to be presented is much longer. Our immigration experts are located right here in Auckland, ready to discuss all your Student Visa concerns. Do not risk the rejection of your New Zealand Student Visa, book a 100% consultation to discuss your case.

How long can you stay in New Zealand on a Student Visa?

The duration of your Study Visa is tied to the length of your paid education. INZ allows a maximum stay of 4 years on an NZ Student Visa. Note that you will need to obtain a Student Visa if you wish to pursue a full-time course which extends beyond 3 months.

What does a New Zealand Student Visa allow you to do?

On a Student Visa, you can:

  • Enrol in full-time courses listed on your visa in approved educational institutes
  • Work part-time for 20 hours/week during the school’s working days and full-time when the school is closed for holidays
  • Live by yourself if you are old enough, otherwise, you must live with your parents, legal guardians or an NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) facility

Your dependent children and partner may also accompany you – they must procure appropriate visas depending on their relationship with you.

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How much time and money are needed to get a New Zealand student Visa?

INZ typically takes 24-83 days to process an NZ Student Visa application – there may be a variance of 10-20 days depending upon the conditions INZ may decide to impose on your Student Visa. Other factors that determine visa processing time include the kind of educational establishment, financial instruments used to fund the education, and any situations that may need a Special Direction, Character Waiver or Health Waiver.

Our licensed immigration professionals have many years of experience in helping international students fulfil their dream of pursuing education in New Zealand. We offer you the best advice on how you can get your New Zealand Student Visa quickly and at the best price. Our typical fees for Student Visa application is a reasonable NZ$ 500 – 1,700.

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