Best of Both Worlds - Urbane Lifestyle and Stunning Landscapes

Immigration New Zealand’s Visas to Invest offer unique prospects for global entrepreneurs and investors to enjoy the country’s outstanding lifestyle while they develop their business interests. You can pick from various Investor Visas, Entrepreneur Visas and the Global Impact Visa (GIV). Each visa presents a unique opportunity to gain Temporary or Resident Visa to fit your business needs. Professional Visa Solutions brings its intensive research and experience to the table to help you pick the right visa to invest and help you succeed in your immigration journey.

Investor Visas

New Zealand offers many opportunities to its investors so they can spend substantial time here. You can experience the unique combination of safety, family-friendliness, fun, adventure and beauty of the country.

You can avail one of the Investor Visas offered by INZ if you have the required capital, global connections and experience to benefit New Zealand. Let our Auckland based immigration experts help you pick the best Investor Visa, based on your investment amount, length and immigration goals.

Entrepreneur Visas

New Zealand is an ideal place for start-ups. It provides favourable atmosphere needed to bring new ideas to life. The country has all the ingredients required to deliver the value of new enterprises to the market and society, such as free and open markets, and personal freedom.

You have the choice of both temporary and resident Entrepreneur Visas. However, there are stringent requirements on your business plan, investment and length of stay during various stages of your start-up. Professional Visa Solutions can take care of your visa needs on your New Zealand entrepreneurial journey.

Global Impact Visa (GIV)

INZ has partnered with the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF) to offer the GIV. GIV is to attract talented start-up groups, entrepreneurs, visionaries and investors who have the potential to create a long-term positive impact not only on New Zealand but on the entire world.

GIV is an excellent opportunity for you to gain permanent residency while establishing innovative ventures in the country. However, you are running against a quota, and you have to satisfy both EHF and INZ throughout the process. You do not want to stumble. Let Professional Visa Solutions guide you through your Global Impact Visa journey.