Do you want to make New Zealand your home forever? Move to New Zealand permanently and enjoy the prosperous life the country offers; you will have access to the high standard of living, world-class facilities and unthinkable rights.

Read on to see how you can achieve permanent residency in New Zealand.

What are the advantages of a New Zealand Permanent (PR) Visa?

A New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa opens the doors for you to enjoy the best of what New Zealand offers, allowing you to:

  • Live, work and study in the country forever
  • Take advantage of the social security cover
  • Avail subsidized medical care
  • Enter and exit New Zealand whenever you like
  • Include your partner and dependent children of less than 24 years in your permanent resident visa application; they must have been part of your original resident visa application
  • Sponsor other members of your family for permanent residency, if they satisfy INZ's financial and other visa requirements
  • After staying in the country for several years, you can apply for citizenship. You will need to meet English competency, good health/character requirements and show sincere intention of making New Zealand your home.

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How do you qualify for New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa?

Here is a partial list of qualification criteria that you will need to satisfy for obtaining a New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa; you must:

  • Provide proof of identity
  • Submit evidence to establish good character, including police certificates
  • Have been on an uninterrupted resident visa for the past 24 months; with the visa not having expired in the past 3 months
  • Not have breached any conditions of your resident visa
  • Show commitment towards living in the country permanently, like having spent at least 184 days each year for the past 2 years

You may need a non-principal exception if you obtained your original resident visa as a non-principal applicant and you want to apply for permanent residency before the primary applicant.

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What rules apply to Non-Principal Applicants for Permanent Resident Visa?

In general, children, partners and parents included in resident visa application as non-principal applicants cannot obtain a New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa before the principal applicant gains permanent residency.

There are, however, some exceptional circumstances that may allow non-principal applicants get a Permanent Resident Visa before the Principal Applicant. It takes expert immigration experience to make a case for an independent Permanent Residence Visa for non-principal applicants and qualifying children.

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How much time and money does it take to get your New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa?

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) processes Permanent Visa applications in 12-30 days. However, any problems related to your resident visa, documentation related to your commitment to stay in New Zealand permanently and other complicating factors like Character Issues or Medical Issues may need special handling and lead to delays.

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