Do you have what it takes to create a lasting positive impact on the world and New Zealand in particular? If yes, you are the right candidate for the Global Impact Visa (GIV).

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) offers the GIV in collaboration with the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF). GIV aims to attract talented visionaries, investors, start-up groups and entrepreneurs who show promise of bringing long-term positive effects on not only New Zealand but to the entire world.

GIV provides an excellent opportunity for you to live and work in the country while establishing or assisting innovative ventures in New Zealand – this visa also provides for a path to permanent residency once you satisfy certain visa conditions.

The first step is to acquire an Edmund Hillary Fellowship.

What does Edmund Hillary Fellowship look for?

EHF seeks exceptional individuals who apply innovative mechanisms and create a positive impact on the whole society while devising methodical solutions for solving economic, environmental, social or cultural problems.

The foundation offers fellowships to mission-driven entrepreneurs and teams working in the start-up space who can benefit from the association to boost incubation of high influence ventures in New Zealand.

The EHF enrols 100 candidates each year from other countries and accepts applications from New Zealand based entrepreneurs and investors as well. The selection process runs twice every year.

What are the eligibility requirements of Global Impact Visa?

You must follow these steps to become eligible for a New Zealand Global Impact Visa:

  • Apply for and get the acceptance letter from EHF
  • Make an application with INZ for your Global Impact Visa – include your EHF acceptance letter
  • Include all documents to satisfy GIV visa requirements, such as proof of English language proficiency, medical and police certificates, along with other materials to establish your skills
  • Show NZ$ 36,000 in savings to fund yourself and your accompanying family for the first year’s stay in the country

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How long can you stay in New Zealand on Global Impact Visa?

GIV allows you to live in New Zealand for 36 months.

New Zealand Global Impact Visa allows you to:

  • Live, study and work in the country during the length of your visa
  • Apply for permanent residence after you finish 30 months with the EHF
  • Work in any location and for any employer, including self-employment

During your stay in New Zealand on a GIV, make sure you keep these visa conditions in mind:

  • You cannot include your partner or dependent children in your GIV visa application. They may apply for separate visas by virtue of being related to you
  • You must retain the support of EHF to qualify for New Zealand Residency
  • You cannot seek or receive any welfare assistance while you live in New Zealand

You must work through the process of getting accepted by the Edmund Hillary Foundation, which only happens twice a year, and make it to the 400 GIVs per 4-years quota. Additionally, you must not breach any visa conditions if you want to apply for Permanent Residency.

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How much time and money does it take to acquire a Global Impact Visa?

Your New Zealand Global Impact Visa application may be decided in 6 months. However, things like Character and Health concerns may need special handling leading to delays in the application process. Not handling these individual cases and required documentation carefully will most likely lead to outright rejection of your visa.

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