Immigration New Zealand (INZ) follows the New Zealand immigration laws to the word. And, if you are not fortunate enough to qualify for a resident or temporary visa, mostly due to Character Issues or Medical Issues, there is no way you are going to get a visa by fighting the immigration system.

Not all may be lost though! If you have an exceptional case, the Minister of Immigration can use his/her discretionary powers to grant you a Special Direction. The Special Direction will help you overcome specific parts of immigration policies to succeed with your visa application.

What are the chances of the Minister granting you a Special Direction?

The Minister has been given some special rights under the New Zealand Immigration policy – these privileges empower him/her to decide which immigration criteria your visa application needs to satisfy.

The Minister also has the authority to lay down some terms and conditions while awarding you a visa. Some of these terms may not be in the scope of existing immigration policy, but they help your visa application overcome the non-compliant parts of the rules. Note that Special Directions do not need to be approved by the House of Representatives – they are not parliamentary or prohibited instruments.

Also, as a visa holder or applicant, you have no right to getting a Special Direction. It is solely the discretion of the Minister and his/her delegates to issue a Special Direction for your case.

Is it easy to get a Special Direction?

No, it is not easy to get Special Directions – the Minister makes use of his/her discretionary immigration-related powers in very rare cases. You need to support your Special Direction request with the most professional and compelling arguments backed with supporting documents.

This may be your last chance, make the most of it. Professional Visa Solutions has a lot of experience in helping its clients succeed with their New Zealand visa applications by getting the Minister to issue Special Directions. Book a time with us for a 100% free consultation. We will answer all your questions patiently and provide you with an honest evaluation of the chances of you getting a Special Direction.

What kind of situations are handled by a Special Direction?

Special Direction is the way to go if you are going to bring substantial benefits to New Zealand by your presence but are unable to satisfy the country’s rigorous immigration laws due to whatever reasons. The more convincingly you can make the case of you being an exceptionally beneficial resident for New Zealand, the higher your chances of the Minister helping you with a Special Direction.

Here are some situations where a Special Direction can be used:

  • Allowing you to enter the country or get a New Zealand visa even if you have been prohibited before
  • Inviting an international person to apply for New Zealand residency even if they have not expressed any interest
  • Getting a visa application handled by the Minister instead of Immigration New Zealand
  • Getting a character or health waiver for a temporary or resident visa application
  • Enforcing, by-passing or changing a condition for a temporary or resident visa application
  • Waiving off the required fee, or other kinds of financial requirements of a visa

In case you fail in getting a Special Direction from the Minister, you can still proceed with your visa application under the regular process.

We are situated right in Auckland, so you can visit us for a personal meeting to discuss your case. Our licenced immigration experts have been getting Special Directions for our customers for a long time – this has helped them acquire New Zealand visas even in cases where they failed to meet the eligibility requirements.

How much would it cost to get a Special Direction?

Professional Visa Solutions is committed to providing our customers with the best service at affordable prices. We provide our Ministerial Appeal services to obtain a Special Direction at very competitive rates. Our typical fees for making a Special Direction Appeal is NZ$ 3,000 – 5,500 (plus applicable GST).

Contact us to see if you can benefit from a Special Direction. Book a 100% free consultation and speak with our professional immigration advisers.