Your Partner Is Now Eligible for NZ Entry via a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa as Well

The NZ government now permits your partner for NZ entry based on Critical Purpose Visitor Visa. Read ahead for relevant information.

As the name suggests, a Critical Purpose Visa allows you to travel NZ with a valid critical reason for traveling. There can be various reasons to travel to the country. Depending upon the reason, the government of NZ can grant you an entry visa based on critical grounds furnished in the application form. Various categories can be utilized for applying for an NZ visa.

Visa Categories for Partners

Partner of a student visa

This visa category will allow you to travel to New Zealand if your partner already holds a student visa or is applying for a student visa. A student visa in NZ will enable the partner to support you for a visitor visa. Further, a student visa can also benefit you in providing you a work permit or a student visa for your dependent kids.

Your partner's advantages of holding a student visa depend upon the course level or the program's duration they chose to study. If you own a work permit in NZ, you are eligible to work in NZ with any employer in an organization. Your partner can help you in getting a work visa if they hold a student visa to study level 7-10 qualification in New Zealand.

Further, a work visa permits you to stay in the country for the same period as that of your partner holding a student visa. There are various immigration instructions that should be fulfilled in order to apply for this particular visa in NZ.

This visa application requires a genuine and stable relationship between both individuals, according to the immigration instruction. Physical fitness is also one of the criteria that should be met for a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa. There are other requirements that should be fulfilled before applying for this NZ visa. Book a consultation with our immigration experts if you are going to apply for a student visa in NZ. They will provide you all the necessary details and walk you through the procedure.

Immigration Instruction

Before applying for a Critical Purpose visa by a partner, they should keep in mind different immigration requirements declared by the government of NZ. These instructions help in deciding the status of visa for visa applicants across the world. The instructions are discussed below.

  • The visa applicant should possess a good character so that it can reflect in the application
  • Partners should possess genuine and clear intentions of traveling to New Zealand
  • All the information provided during the visa process should be authentic. This will increase the chances of an individual getting an NZ visa
  • Visa invitation from the NZ government for applying
  • The critical purpose for visiting New Zealand
  • Adequate funds to process the visa application

Partner of a worker visa

Similar to the student visa, a work visa also allows a partner to travel to New Zealand if their partner holds a work permit or has applied for a work permit visa. This particular visa is an open visa that can be used to work anywhere in New Zealand for an assigned period of time. Unlike student visas in New Zealand, there are certain conditions that should be considered before applying for a student visa in NZ. An individual holding an Essential Skills work visa and earning below a median wage can only support their partners for a visit to the country. On the other hand, a work visa holder earning above the median salary is eligible to support their partners for work or visit visas in New Zealand.

Immigration instructions

The government of NZ has formulated specific eligibility criteria for applying for a partner on a worker visa. Book a consultation with our experts for immigration instructions issued by the NZ government and immigration authorities.

  • Both the individuals should live together and maintain a stable bond in order to apply for this visa
  • Secondly, the partner should hold a good character. A person with a criminal offensive report cannot apply for this category of visa
  • It is necessary to evaluate the eligibility and type of visa that you can opt for
  • Sufficient funds to show for survival in New Zealand

Partnership Resident Visa

Partnership Resident visa allows a person to stay in New Zealand if their partner is a citizen or a country resident. If the government permits you to stay in NZ, you can indefinitely remain, work and study there. You can be issued a permanent resident visa NZ if your partner is a citizen of NZ and you both have stayed outside of the country for a period of 5 years or more.

However, many conditions should be fulfilled before applying for a partnership resident visa.

  1. Your partner should be in a different country when you apply for the resident visa NZ
  2. Should have returned to NZ from another country less than three months before
  3. Partner compulsorily needs to complete the partnership support form for a residence/temporary entry

Once the immigration officers are satisfied with the individuals' documents, they can grant you the resident visa; however, if they do not find the partnership genuine and stable, they can defer from their decisions of giving you the visa.

Closing Thoughts

Since the Partnership Visa and the Critical Purpose Visa have been quite prevalent amid the international border restrictions imposed by NZ, you need to learn about these visa categories in detail. The nitty-gritty of these visas will enable you to join your partner working in NZ or enter the country, citing a critical reason to be there.

Many of you are yet not clear about the various eligibility criteria that these two visas require. Some are even confusing these visas with other visa regulations that are already in place. Thus, having a clear understanding and familiarizing yourself with every minutia is essential. Book a consultation with our NZ Immigration experts if you wish to do the same.

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