Work Visa Extension New Zealand

Work Visa extension needs to be done well in advance. It will help you stay legal in the country and will boost your validity here.

If you have been working on a work visa here in New Zealand and wish to extend it, then our post on work visa extension NZ will educate you well on the topic. Before we move any further with it, let us tell you one thing upfront here. There is nothing known as a work visa extension in New Zealand. In case your work visa is about to expire and you wish to continue working here then you would have to apply for a new work visa. It’s like getting your visa renewed. The process and the time it would take for the new visa to process remains the same.

Is it possible to get a work visa extension NZ?

As we have mentioned there is nothing known as a work visa extension in New Zealand, having said that we would also mention here that although extending your existing work visa is not possible but applying for a new one is. If you wish to extend your work tenure here in NZ you must apply for a new work visa before your present one expires. In simpler terms, it means you have to undergo the same process again which you went through while applying it for the first time.

Here is what would be required of you:

  • Your trade of profession should be in the skilled migrant category (provided you wish to apply for it)
  • In the case of an accredited employer work visa, the process would be a little different, you would need to provide documentary evidence for a new one as required in the application.
  • You would have to provide certificates of character and good health from NZ based authorities.
  • Your family might have to apply for new visas also.

Please note that in case you are re-applying for a skilled migrant category visa where in the decision on your skilled migrant category resident visa is awaited. Then a special set of rules would apply to you. To know more about them please book a consultation session with us.

How Can Our Services Assist You With Work Visa Extension NZ?

At Provisas we are committed to making your immigration-related legal experience as smooth as possible. Since we have already mentioned that there is nothing known as work visa extension and you would have to apply for a new one, that’s where our expert services come in handy. Since applying for a work visa this time would be time-bound for you hence the chances of making an error in the application has to be zero. You must approach us well ahead in time and should be open to following instructions that we provide you with.

Ideally, we would require you to

  • Book a consultation with us.
  • Bring with you all the documents that you provided for your original work visa application.
  • Enlighten us on any change of situation that you might have faced.
  • Come with your recent character certificate from police and health certificates.

ProVisas follows a simple process with a work visa extension. Since you have lived and worked here then you are already aware of the documentary formalities that have to be met. They are almost the same as your first work visa application. So you just need to carry all those documents that you submitted while applying for the visa first time. Doing so helps us in evaluating your case better. It also puts us in a better position to expedite the application faster. In case of any issues, our licensed immigration advisers are ready to remedy it.

Book a consultation with our advisers to discuss your case.

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