What Is Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI)?

PPI does not always mean legal issues with your immigration status or at worse deportation. A good immigration advisory service like us can help you sort the PPI issue well. Read ahead to know more about it.

PPI is information considered by Immigration New Zealand to possibly negatively impact a visa application where a process of fairness is followed by allowing an applicant to have the opportunity to provide comment and any evidence in relation to this information within a reasonable timeframe.

For those present in New Zealand, PPI is defined as factual information or material that will or may adversely affect the outcome of an application made to Immigration New Zealand. This could include for example a mismatch of information from a prior application to your current application.

For those offshore, PPI is defined differently, as factual information or material that:

  • was not obtained from the applicant or their representative, and
  • is not publicly available, or the applicant is not necessarily aware of, and
  • will or may adversely affect the outcome of an application, and
  • the applicant has not previously had the opportunity to comment on

The difference being, for offshore applicants, a wider scope of considering factors is applied which gives INZ greater grounds to decline an application for entry to New Zealand. For onshore applicants, given are already in New Zealand, a more refined approach is taken to specific matters requiring address.

For any residence class visa application, the opportunity must be given for an applicant to comment on before a decision is made to decline the grant of a visa based on PPI. This includes information that an applicant may not necessarily have been aware of. A common example of this is where an applicant is not determined to meet certain immigration criteria/rules as defined by the complex Immigration New Zealand Instructions Manual.

Are You Concerned About the Short Timeframe to Respond?

PPI letters have a tight timeframe so it is imperative to seek our professional assistance as early as possible.

Acting promptly by seeking a discussion with an experienced Immigration Adviser from our team will relieve your stresses, give you assurance, allow sufficient time to present the best case possible to INZ for success and reduce your costs.

Depending on the issues raised by INZ and considering the short deadlines often given to respond, we have the capacity to approach INZ seeking an extension of time to address the issues as soon as our services are engaged. The sooner our assistance is sought, the greater the chances of us securing an extension of time which is certainly beneficial to aid in gathering the best evidence in support of your cause given what’s at stake.

How Can Professional Visa Solutions Help Me?

During an initial consultation with an experienced Immigration Adviser, we will listen to your concerns and ask a few simple questions. We will be respectful to you, display genuine concern for your predicament and be realistic with you in the necessary approach. If we don’t feel your matter has a chance of success after initially considering all information at this stage, we will be honest with you about this and present you with any other possible options.

We may ask to see the letter, with assurances that it be treated with utmost confidentiality, to understand the issue(s). We will carefully review the INZ letter and contact you further to present you with the best way to respond.

Our team of professionals are well-versed in responding to INZ concerns, so you can trust that you are in capable hands.

Once our services are engaged, we will provide you with guidance and advice particularly around what information will be needed to best aid in our response. We will work closely with you to prepare the best response possible with the confidence of leading toward an approval of your visa application.

We may ask you to seek information from other parties associated with you to obtain supporting information. This is only done with your full approval and with confidentiality paramount. The more relevant information that can be provided, the better.

We may also seek to obtain information held by Immigration New Zealand in order to understand your immigration history and best formulate our approach to a response.

What are the Implications of a PPI Letter on My Immigration Future?

Doing nothing will result in decline of your application by Immigration New Zealand. This could leave you in an unlawful position with significantly reduced rights.

Documentation submitted after the due date indicated in the letter is not likely to be considered.

Presenting a poor response is not likely to help your current or future visa situation. This is why professional representation from our experts is paramount.

A declined application negatively impacts any future applications made and can contribute to further decline decisions made by INZ. Again, our expertise is most beneficial to avoid this occurrence.

Withdrawing your application at this stage in affairs is not likely to bode well for any future intended application, where the issues will only be raised again and possibly at a higher degree of concern upon any further application made.

If you are holding an interim visa at the time you receive a PPI letter from INZ, you need to aware that if a decline decision is given, your interim visa will no longer be considered valid, rendering you unlawful and subject to deportation action. Furthermore, you will have no right of reconsideration of a declined application.

If you maintain lawful regular visa status throughout the addressing of PPI matters and at the time of any unfortunate decline decision made on your application, you could have the right to reconsideration by INZ for a decline decision made. This is a viable means to further address matters in a second attempt which could give rise to a favourable outcome. Although we do recommend the issues are addressed for the current application.

If the concerns raised by INZ pertain to characterandhealth related matters, or bona-fides, don’t be alarmed, you are not alone. These are often areas of concern raised by INZ and can be complex in nature. It can seem daunting and be very stressful for you to figure-out what to do. Don’t worry, we are easily able to simplify matters for you making it easier to understand. Leave it to us to handle the complexities. All you need to do is follow our instruction and guidance.

It is important you are forthcoming with your Immigration Adviser from the outsetin order for us to best understand the nature of your situation and portray this to INZ in the best manner possible.

If the current application’s concerns are sufficiently addressed resulting in a favourable decision by INZ, certain issues are probably going to be raised again in any future application. So it is important to get it right on the first occasion, which can be achieved through our ability for foresee these future issues and advise you how best to prepare for this occurring.

Regardless of how the matters which INZ consider concerning came about, we are here to tidy-up matters for you and strongly advocate for you in representation of your situation to Immigration New Zealand.

What Can I Do?

Why take chances like “thinking about what to do” – relieve your anxieties through a simple consultation with an experienced Adviser at Professional Visa Solutions. We are full of solutions to problems and know exactly how to handle your worries.

So, book a initial consultation today with an experienced Immigration Adviser from Professional Visa Solutions. This is as simple as clicking this link: https://provisas.co.nz/book-a-consultation/

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