Visas to Invest and Innovate in New Zealand

Visas to Invest and Innovate in New Zealand open avenues for anyone interested in creating a business impact in the country.

Potential investors and innovators in New Zealand get a special type of visa which allows them to live and work in New Zealand. Therefore, the conditions they have to fulfil are quite different from those other immigrants have to fulfil. So, if you are going to apply for a visa to invest and innovate, there are three types – the investor's visa, the Entrepreneur Visa and the Global Impact Visa (GIV).

Investor Visa

For investors looking to invest their funds in New Zealand, the best option to opt for is the New Zealand Investor Visa. However, for this type of visa, conditions must be met.

Things you should know about the Investor Visa

  • Investor Visas are of two types – Investor Visa and Investor Plus Visa
  • Each type has different conditions to be met
  • There are acceptable investment options for the investment Visa to be approved.
  • Such investment options include Equity, Bonds e.t.c
  • A minimum investment fund of NZ$3m and NZ$10m is required for the different types of investor visa
  • Investment Funds also have to meet certain conditions.

Entrepreneur Visa

This type of visa to invest or innovate is mainly for people looking to start their businesses in New Zealand. Like the other types of Visas, it has conditions to be met.

Things you should know about the Investor Visa

  • You should have a minimum capital investment of NZ$100,000.
  • Applicants should meet the required point for the visa approval
  • There are two stages of the Entrepreneur Visa- The Stage up stage and the Balance Stage. Both stages come with a stipulated time.
  • You can only stay in New Zealand with the Entrepreneur Visa for about 36 months before the need to renew or reapply arises.
  • Applicants also have to fulfil the health and English requirements
  • You should have a record free of bankruptcy

Global Impacts Visa (GIVs)

The GIVs are visas issued to people looking to make a positive global change in New Zealand. This type of visa also has its condition.

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Conditions to be met for the GIV

  • You must be accepted into the Edmund Hillary Fellowship program.
  • Then, it would help if you were invited to apply for GIV.
  • With the GIV, you get three - a year open work visa.
  • You have to meet the health character and English requirements.
  • About NZ$36,000 maintenance funds to support you and your family in your first year must be available.
  • You can apply for permanent Visa after 30 months in the Edmund Hilary Fellowship.

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