What is a Variation of Conditions for AEWV?

VOC is now made possible on AEWV. Read ahead to know more about it.

Finally, 5 months after the release of the Accredited Employer Work visa category, Immigration New Zealand has ported the Variation of Conditions process to this new visa category.

Avoid the hassle of starting from scratch by updating a specific part of your approved visa through a Variation of Conditions, or VOC. The process is often quicker than applying for an entirely new visa. You may request work rights on a student visa through a "VOC," or if you are currently employed on a work visa, you may wish to change employers, roles, or regions.

If you have an Accredited Employer Work Visa

The newly implemented process allows you to apply for a "Job Change" if your employer, job, location, or combination of these factors have changed. Only accredited employers who have a valid job check can hire migrants for new positions.

If you want to change jobs and the new job is paid below median wage, it must be an exempt role on the list.

Please keep in mind that the median wage being counted is the one present at the time of VOC application. As of the time of this writing, the New Zealand median wage is NZD $27.76/hour. This figure is set to increase to $29.66 from 27 February 2023.

If you have an Essential Skills Work Visa

Some migrant workers currently in New Zealand may still be on the archived Essential Work Visa. The VOC process has been updated to allow you, for example, to change your employer, job title, or location-or any combination of these.

If you get a new job or move, your employer must do the following.

  • Advertised for the job
  • Should prove that New Zealand workers that are both suitable and available have been difficult to find

The requirement to show that New Zealanders are unable to fill the position may be waived if:

  • You possess the skills on the Essential Skills in Demand List, then you qualify for this program
  • You are on the Green List and meet its requirements
  • Paid a salary that is at least double the median wage


Variations of Conditions is a useful tool for those with Accredited Employer Work Visas or Essential Skills Work Visas. It can save time and money when you need to update your visa based on changes such as job, location, or pay. 

When using the Variation of Conditions process, employers must take steps to ensure that the position cannot be filled by a New Zealander and must adhere to the median wage requirements. Ultimately, Variation of Conditions can help you save time and get back on track with your visa journey.

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