New Transport Sector Agreement and Green List Updates: A Comprehensive Guide

Uncover key updates in New Zealand's immigration landscape that affect migrants and employers.

The Minister of Immigration and Transport has recently finalized the transport sector agreement and confirmed the addition of new occupations to the Green List. In this blog post, we will explore the details of these changes, including the transport sector agreement specifics, median wage exemptions, and updates to the Green List.

By understanding these developments, migrants and employers can better navigate the immigration process and address labor shortages in various sectors.

  1. Transport Sector Agreement: Supporting Critical Infrastructure and Workforce Development
  • The transport sector agreement is designed to support critical national infrastructure and industries by providing a 2-year work-to-residence pathway for truck and bus drivers, as well as critical maritime transport roles.
    • Truck and bus drivers
    • Ship's masters (skippers)
    • Deckhands

2. Median Wage Exemption for Bus Drivers: Focusing on Critical Public Transport Needs

  • To help meet public transport demands, bus drivers hired under the transport sector agreement will be eligible for a median wage exemption and a 3-year Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV).
    • Eligibility requirements for exemption
    • Benefits of the exemption for bus drivers and employers

3. Duration of the Transport Sector Agreement: Review and Impact on Migrants

  • The transport sector agreement will be reviewed after 12 months, with any changes not affecting migrants already on their 2-year work-to-residence pathway.
    • Uncapped agreement
    • Review and potential changes

4. Green List Updates: Addressing Labor Shortages and Supporting Business Recovery

  • New roles have been added to the Green List work-to-residence pathway to help address labor shortages and provide greater certainty to businesses recovering from the pandemic.
    • 'Straight to Residence' Green List pathway: Auditors
    • 'Work to Residence' Green List pathway:
      • Civil Construction Supervisors
      • Gasfitters
      • Drainlayers
      • Skilled crane operators
      • Skilled civil machine operators
      • Halal slaughterers
      • Skilled motor mechanics
      • Skilled telecommunications technicians
      • Teachers (various specializations)

5. Key Dates and Application Process for Green List Occupations

  • Eligible migrant workers in Green List occupations will be able to apply for residence starting 29 September 2023, provided they meet the specified requirements for their occupation.
    • Updates to the Green List: 29 May 2023
    • The application process for residence
    • Benefits for employers and Migrants


With the finalization of the transport sector agreement and updates to the Green List, New Zealand is taking steps to address labor shortages and support the growth of various industries. By staying informed on these changes, migrants and employers can better navigate the immigration process and contribute to the country's development.

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