Reason for Which You Can Avail of the Critical Purpose Visitor Visa NZ

The government of NZ has prepared a list of critical reasons that allows you to avail of a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa NZ. Keep scrolling.

Every country across the world has felt the heat of the pandemic. NZ has remained relatively unaffected compared to its global compatriots. Though there have been job losses and the economy has suffered, the government has still kept the prime focus on its citizens' safety and security.

Among other visa changes and regulations, the Critical Purpose Visitor Visas' introduction is a resounding step for traveling to NZ during the COVID-19 situations and while the border restrictions linger on.

Critical Purpose Visitor Visa Essential Criteria:

Before availing of the Critical Purpose Visitor Visa NZ, you should meet the criteria of critical reasons so that the visa authority of NZ can grant you an appropriate visa as per your requirements. The list contains several important reasons of purpose that can help you in traveling to NZ.

  1. Partners and Family
  2. Standard resident work permit holders
  3. Critical health employees
  4. Other critical workers
  5. Travel back and forth to Pacific Islands
  6. Humanitarian reasons
  7. Students Entry visa
  8. Ship Crew

1. Partners and Family

This visa can be applied by individuals who are Australian natives but hold a stable and genuine relationship with a New Zealand citizen. You can request a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa NZ according to the relationship you share with your partner. The request to travel forms needs you to submit various documents that can support your visitor’s visa.

  • Details about shared living planning
  • Marriage certificate or a joint bank account to support your relationship
  • Identity proof of both the partners
  • Evidence of your partner’s support to request a visitor visa NZ

2. Standard resident work permit holders

Individuals holding a temporary work permit and presently residing outside of New Zealand but working in an organization for a certain period before departure can apply for a visa under a particular category called the border exception category. Before applying for this visa category, the applicant should have left New Zealand before 1 December 2019 and 9 October 2020. They should also hold one of the following visas when they departed from New Zealand.

  • Essential skills work visa
  • Entrepreneur Work Visa
  • Work to Residence Visa

Book a consultation with our experts if you wish to enquire more about standard resident work permit holders. Our NZ immigration experts have immense experience in these matters and will be able to guide you about the entire procedure.

3. Critical health employees

This included people who are new healthcare workers that can deliver critical healthcare services in New Zealand. There are different categories of healthcare workers that can apply for a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa NZ.

  • Health Practitioners under Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003
  • Internationally-trained and qualified nursing staff
  • Technician for managing medical equipment
  • Air and road paramedics and ambulance workers
  • Pharmacists
  • Radiologists
  • Oncologists
  • Research and development staff
  • Mortuary workers
  • Pathologists

4. Other critical workers

Apart from critical health workers, another category of essential workers can apply for Critical Purpose Visitor Visa NZ. If the visa applicant runs a supportive agency or an organization, he/she can request to bring employees to New Zealand for trade and finance purposes. Individual workers cannot request this visa. Hence an employer should apply for a critical purpose visa NZ on behalf of all the employees.

5. Travel back and forth to Pacific Islands

This request allows the government of Cook Islands, Niue, Samoa, Tokelau, and Tonga to apply for a Critical Purpose Visa in accordance with the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Once the travelers are selected, they can use the previous immigration New Zealand process to travel to the country.

6. Humanitarian reasons

Humanitarian reasons are scarce and can be considered in exceptional cases only. Those reasons can be as follows.

  • Your connection with NZ and the current location where you reside
  • Duration of time you have been away from New Zealand
  • Other options available to chose besides living in New Zealand

The consequences of not being able to travel due to various reasons:

Medical reasons are also included in Humanitarian reasons. An individual can request a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa if they plan for medical treatment in New Zealand. They should submit medical approval from the Ministry of Health or a District Health Board before requesting an NZ visa.

7. Students Entry visa

A Student Entry visa is approved for those nominated by their education providers and professors in University. Once they are selected for a student entry visa, they can return to New Zealand and continue their further studies. Every year, the NZ government allows more than 200 international doctorate students and post-graduate students to study in New Zealand.

Apart from doctorate and Post-graduate students, the NZ government also allows more than 1000 priority students to return to the country and continue their regular study programs in medical, engineering, and finance fields. Book a consultation with our immigration advisors if you wish to learn about the student entry visa NZ.

8. Ship Crew

According to this reason, an individual can request a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa if they are a replacement cargo ship crew anywhere outside New Zealand. A replacement cargo crew can join the cargo ship by air which is departing to New Zealand. There are certain conditions that should be fulfilled in order to request a critical visa approval.

  • A piece of evidence that you are currently a replacement cargo ship crew
  • Correspondence letter from the owner of the ship or the chairperson that can provide details about the role and dates for replacement of cargo ship
  • A confirmation from a New Zealand shipping agent that can maintain records of arrival and departure dates of the vessels onboard.
  • Once the crew member has arrived in New Zealand, he/she should reach the ship location as quickly as possible

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know about the various reasons you can avail of the Critical Purpose Visitor Visa in NZ, you should go ahead with your applications. The processing will be time-consuming as several people are citing critical reasons to join their partners and families in New Zealand. Hurry up!

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