Our Service Fee Charges – Employer Accreditation Services and Other Business Related Services Offered

We offer employer accreditation services and other business related services. Read on to learn more about our service fee charges.

HR Support & Compliance

One-OP Implementation ( Includes Audit of all HR record - Employment Agreements, Health & Safety Policy Business Policy, Time and Wage record and requirements, Payroll guidance and setup help , PIP and Disciplinary Process guidance)

Basic ImplementationCharges
Upto 2 Employees$1000
3 - 5 Employees$2000
6 - 10 Employees$3000
11 - 20 Employees$5000

Add-On Service Package

Compliance Audit During the YearCharges
Upto 10 Employees$300 Per Audit
11 - 50 Employees$500 Per Audit

Employer Accreditation

Standard AccreditationCharges
Upto 5 Employees$2000
More Than 5 Employees$5000
Premium AccreditationCharges
Upto 20 Employees$7000
More Than 20 Employees$10,000

Representation in Employment Disputes

Cost-effective package depending upon the nature and complexity of the matter

Scope of the services includes:

  1. Preparing and Filing Record of Settlement
  2. Preparing and Filing Statement of Problem
  3. Mediation Attendance
  4. Physical Representation in ERA & Employment Court

Accounting Services

  • Paye Filing
  • Payroll Advice
  • GST & Income Tax Filing
  • Company Formation

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