A New Chapter: New Zealand's Journey Since Reopening Its Borders

One year on, New Zealand's border reopening has revitalized tourism, filled skill shortages, and boosted the economy.

A year has passed since New Zealand threw open its gates to the world again. This decision has had far-reaching implications on various aspects of life in the country. Let's explore the multifaceted impact of this significant event.

Embracing the World Once More

A Boost to TourismThe reopening of New Zealand's borders has breathed new life into the tourism industry. Visitors from around the globe have been able to experience the country's unique landscapes and culture once again.

Filling the Gaps in the Workforce

The Working Holiday Scheme and the Accredited Employer Work Visa scheme have allowed businesses to fill essential roles, addressing skill shortages that had become a pressing concern.

Welcoming Students and Visitors

The approval of numerous Visitors and Student Visas has not only encouraged cultural exchange but also supported educational institutions across the country.

A Staggering Number of Approvals

The numbers tell an impressive story:

  • Over 65,000 Working Holiday Scheme applications approved
  • More than 1.5 million NZeTAs issued
  • Over 76,000 Accredited Employer Work Visa applications approved
  • Hundreds of thousands of Visitor and Student Visas granted

The Economic Impact

The decision to reopen the borders has had a ripple effect on the economy. The influx of tourists has supported the hospitality sector, while the availability of skilled workers has helped various industries thrive.

Looking Ahead

The success of the past year is a testament to New Zealand's resilience and adaptability. The country continues to see strong interest from people wanting to visit, work, or study, reflecting a positive outlook for the future.


New Zealand's decision to reopen its borders has been more than a governmental action; it's been a statement of hope, growth, and connection. The journey over the past year has been filled with challenges and triumphs, and the nation stands ready to embrace what comes next.

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