How do the NZ government and Immigration authorities plan to move forward with the EOI selection for residence visas?

The NZ government and the Immigration authorities are working simultaneously to provide resident visas to skilled migrant workers through EOI selection.

The government of NZ along with the immigration and employment authorities has been setting a phenomenal example since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. These bodies worked in tandem to mitigate the risks of the pandemic in the country and thereby succeeded in creating a community that was largely exempted from the viral pandemic. The least number of casualties and infections is a testimony to this.

Apart from safeguarding the health of the citizens, expats and migrants already stationed in the country, the government of New Zealand adopted certain measures that were visionary, to say the least. Introducing several new visa categories like the Critical Purpose Visitor Visa, refurbishing the critical health worker policies, extending various work and visitor visa categories, injecting migrant laborers in the indigenous work ecosystem, revising pay rates and creating safe and equal employment opportunities for people have been some of the crucial steps taken by the government and other honorary bodies.

Since the government has been focussing on the skill shortage lists and permitting skilled migrants to get involved in the work ecosystem and continue the economic progress of the country, they have introduced several opportunities for skilled migrants to apply for Resident Visas in New Zealand.

Skilled Migrant Resident Visas and the EOI to apply for them

With a skilled migrant Resident Visa, you can contribute to the economic development of NZ. Hence Immigration authorities and the government of NZ are offering resident visas through EOI selection. Suppose you are thinking of applying for a resident permit in New Zealand. In that case, you initially need to submit a letter of Expression of Interest that states your employment in New Zealand, your current and past work experience and your qualifications.

Once the Immigration authorities approve your EOI, you certainly will be offered to live and work in NZ lifelong. Before your plan to travel to NZ, you need to check the border restrictions due to COVID-19 conditions. Book a consultation with our NZ immigration experts and advisors to know more about the points-based selection system for Resident Visa NZ. They have extensive knowledge and years of experience in everything related to immigration and the relevant laws and permits. They can help you get a clear worldview of the current measures and how you can fit yourself there.

Important things to know

Before you submit the Expression of Interest to the Immigration authorities NZ, you need to consider certain things about Resident Visa under the skilled migrant category.

  • You are allowed to stay indefinitely in NZ if granted a skilled migrant category Resident Visa
  • Make sure the age range for applying for this Visa is 55 years or below
  • Resident Visa allows you to live, work and study in New Zealand
  • You can include your partner and children under the same residence application
  • The Expression of Interest (EOI) is assessed via a point-based system
  • Due to certain limitations, the government of NZ is currently selecting EOI with 160 points or above
  • You cannot opt for a resident visa under EOI if you are self-employed. Instead, choose an Entrepreneur Resident Visa

Pathway to Permanent Resident Visa through EOI selection

The pathway to Permanent Resident Visa NZ is a complex process that includes two main elements. Firstly, you have to submit the Expression of Interest, and secondly, you need to submit the Residence Visa application. Although all the documents and qualifications of the applicant are checked and verified by the Immigration authorities NZ, in many cases, external assessment is required. A professional body charge might be necessary for examining the details submitted by the application.

Stage 1: Expression of Interest (EOI) can be submitted online
Stage 2: Residence application needs to be submitted along with all supporting documents and information.

Finding a job

For acquiring a Resident Visa NZ, you need a job and a work visa in New Zealand. Unless you show a minimum of 160 points in your EOI, you cannot qualify for the Resident Visa, and your application will not be processed to the next step. Most migrant workers depend on searching for a suitable job in NZ to reach the minimum limit of 160 points. A career in NZ provides you 50-110 points which eventually will lift your points in Expression of Interest. Hence finding a job for a visa is a vital element of the Immigration process in NZ.

Getting a Work Visa

While your search for a job in NZ has ended, your employer will expect you to join the company as soon as possible. In such conditions, you need to obtain a work visa to travel to NZ. The process of getting a Resident Visa NZ would be in its initial stages. Therefore, you need to apply for a work visa to enter NZ and start working until you get your Residence Visa. Work Visa will provide you with the legal authority to work in NZ while waiting for your Resident Visa.

Managing the Visa application process

  • As mentioned earlier, applying and obtaining a Resident Visa through (EOI) selection is a complex one
  • As a skilled migrant worker, you need to search for a simple job and apply for a work visa. To fasten finding a suitable job, the applicants should use the comprehensive job search strategy, which can align with the visa process
  • Before proceeding with the application process, make sure you have all the necessary documents required for visa filing
  • To optimize your visa application, you need to gather all the essential documents required by the Immigration officer at the time of verification. This will ease your entry into NZ. Therefore it is recommended to collect critical documents beforehand
  • Unless you meet the requirement of 160 points, you will not proceed with the next step of the visa application
  • The next step to the pathway of Permanent Resident Visa is to submit the Expression of Interest (EOI). Once you submit the (EOI), you can expect a successful outcome within two weeks of submission
  • Once your (EOI) is selected from various (EOI), the Immigration authority proceeds towards the verification process based on the points mentioned in your (EOI)
  • False information or any inconsistencies with your points mentioned in the (EOI) can lead to application rejection. Hence, it is advisable to check all the eligibility points before submitting the (EOI)
  • If the verification is complete and the points convince the Immigration NZ in your (EOI), you will receive an invitation of Residence by the Immigration NZ


Getting a Resident Visa through EOI is a challenging process. Therefore it is recommended to exercise all the necessary steps with patience. Authentic yet genuine (EOI) will lead to Resident Visa approval. Book a consultation with our immigration experts and counselors to know more about (EOI) and the Resident Visa NZ.

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