New Zealand Work Visa For Indian

For Indians, New Zealand has always been a favourite country to live and work in. Every year we see many Indians coming here either for education or work.

New Zealand is a great place to live and work. The country is top-ranked on several global parameters of human living and the improvement of records. It is considered one of the most serene, protected and clean nations to settle in. New Zealand is also the most popular immigration country for many Indians. The general population from India migrate in thousands yearly to live, work, study, travel, or settle in New Zealand. But for all that, there is a New Zealand work visa for Indians. Here is how to apply for a work permit in New Zealand.

How to apply for a New Zealand work visa from India?

How can I go to New Zealand for work? Well, there are 3 basic methods to apply for a New Zealand work visa for Indians:

1. The Skilled Migrant Category (SMC)

It allows you to live and work in New Zealand permanently. But before that, you have to find out if you are eligible to apply for this visa. However, you have to go through the point-based system. The points are given depending on your key profile details, i.e. Age, Education, work experience, etc.

Eligibility Requirement for SMC:

You can be eligible to apply for New Zealand work visa for India under the SMC category if you are less than 55 years. To apply for a work visa, you need to Speak English. Should be Healthy and of good character.

SMC category stepwise application:

EOI (Expression of Interest) has to be submitted online, all the key details of your qualifications, skills, work experience and family should be provided. Suppose you have a good enough score according to the points-based system of immigration New Zealand. In that case, your EOI (Expression of Interest) will be accepted, and you will receive the ITA (Invitation to apply) for the visa. You require completing the same and submit it to the authorities with the required supporting documentation.

2. Family Category Visa

There are many family visas available under which you can apply for a New Zealand work visa for Indian if you are a spouse/partner, parent or dependent child of a New Zealand permanent resident or citizen. However, it would help if your relative in New Zealand sponsored you to live in New Zealand as a permanent resident.

3. Business and Investment

This specific category is intended for migrants interested in business and investment in New Zealand. They should contribute to the growth and development of the New Zealand economy. There are 2 basic categories under this visa:

Investor Category:

The Investor category is designed for people willing to live and apply for residence in New Zealand by financing businesses in New Zealand. Investor/Investor Plus are the categories you need to apply for this visa.

Entrepreneur Category:

This Entrepreneur Work Visa is designed for people willing to start their businesses in New Zealand. Once your business has run for 2 years (6 months in special cases) in New Zealand under this visa, you can apply for the Entrepreneur residence Visa.

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