New Zealand Visa For Singapore Citizens

There are many critical points of information that Singapore citizens applying for a New Zealand visa must be aware of. It will help with smoother visa application process.

Singapore has very high property prices, poorly balanced work-life and a grueling education system. So, it’s logical that you might be thinking a couple of times about leaving Singapore for greener, or at least, less crowded shores. While many Singaporeans with the right qualifications, determination, and inclination to learn a new language can successfully migrate with the New Zealand visa Singapore.

The country is a hugely popular place for people moving to New Zealand from Singapore. The idea of leaving Singapore is to enjoy a less stressful lifestyle for immigrants. In 2013, 5,270 residents did migrate to New Zealand from Singapore, while most of them were living in Auckland. New Zealand is fairly better in terms of culture and education system; however, it generally has the reputation of being even more relaxed. New Zealand’s biggest cities are less populated, and career-wise there are more opportunities for growth.

How to get New Zealand Visa Singapore?

  • Know the type of your Visa and Choose the right visa
  • Application forms can be Viewed or downloaded online
  • Submit the application forms along with the required supporting documents
  • Find out how, and where, to submit the application and its fees

New Zealand’s Education System

The education system is of high standard. It is a great place for education. With an international reputation and a unique culture, Singaporeans migrate to New Zealand and broaden their experience in a western country.

The country is filled with top universities all of them ranked in the top 500 universities around the world. In general, it is a lot more relaxed than in Singapore. If your course has a tenure of more than 3 months, then you will need a student visa. And the visa should be valid till the completion of your course. The Visa should also allow you to work for at least 20 hours a week.

Weather and Climate in New Zealand

New Zealand is located in the Southern hemisphere. New Zealand is famous for its beautiful, green, clean and remarkable locales. It has long beaches to surf and natural forests in the subtropical region of the north, to the spectacular mountains, rivers, lakes, and fjords in the Southern Island, you will always find new places to enjoy.

The New Zealand weather makes it easy and outgoing. Compared to Singapore’s tropical climate, New Zealand has, what is known as a temperate climate. The four distinct seasons with the variable weather includes warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters.


A lot of people want to migrate to New Zealand from Singapore as the living cost is much cheaper than in Singapore. It depends on the situation and your needs. Singapore is the 5th most expensive place in the world, according to the survey made by Mercer’s 2017 cost of the Living survey. In comparison, Auckland is ranked 61st and Wellington at 86th.

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