New Zealand Announces Update to Hourly Wage for Tourism and Hospitality Roles

New Zealand implements new minimum hourly wage of $28.18 for various tourism and hospitality occupations from 24 April.

The tourism and hospitality industry in New Zealand is also gradually recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, with borders reopening and travel restrictions easing. As a result, the New Zealand government has announced a new minimum hourly wage that will affect several occupations in the industry. This blog post aims to discuss the new changes in hourly wages for tourism and hospitality roles, which will come into effect on 24 April 2023.

What Is the New Minimum Hourly Wage?

From 24 April 2023, employers will be required to pay workers in specific tourism and hospitality roles at least 95 percent of the median wage. The minimum hourly wage for affected roles will be at least NZD 28.18 per hour.

Which Occupations Will Be Affected by the Change?

Several occupations in the tourism and hospitality industry will be affected by the change in minimum hourly wage. These occupations are:

  • Hotel Service Manager (ANZSCO code: 431411)
  • Hotel or Motel Manager (ANZSCO code: 141311)
  • Accommodation and Hospitality Managers nec (ANZSCO code: 141999)
  • Licensed Club Manager (ANZSCO code: 141411)
  • Conference and Event Organiser (ANZSCO code: 149311)
  • Travel Consultant (ANZSCO code: 451612)
  • Travel Agency Manager (ANZSCO code: 142116)
  • Tour Guide (ANZSCO code: 451412)
  • Caravan Park and Camping Ground Manager (ANZSCO code: 141211)
  • Diving Instructor (Open Water) (ANZSCO code: 452311)
  • Hunting Guide (ANZSCO code: 452213)
  • Gallery or Museum Technician (ANZSCO code: 399311)
  • Trekking Guide (ANZSCO code: 452216)
  • Waiter (ANZSCO code: 431511)
  • Commercial Housekeeper (ANZSCO code: 811411)
  • Kitchenhand (ANZSCO code: 851311)
  • Barista (ANZSCO code: 431112)
  • Hotel or Motel Receptionist (ANZSCO code: 542113)
  • Bar Attendant (ANZSCO code: 431111)
  • Fast Food Cook (ANZSCO code: 851111)
  • Food Trades Assistants nec (ANZSCO code: 851299)
  • Hospitality Workers nec (ANZSCO code: 431999)
  • Cafe Worker (ANZSCO code: 431211)
  • Pastrycook's Assistant (ANZSCO code: 851211)
  • Doorperson or Luggage Porter (ANZSCO code: 431912)
  • Gaming Worker (ANZSCO code: 431311)
  • Travel Attendants nec (ANZSCO code: 451799)

When Will the Wage Increase to 100 percent of the Median Wage?

To reflect the gradual recovery of the industry, the minimum hourly wage for affected roles will move to 100 percent of the median wage in April 2024, in line with other sectors.

What Does This Mean for Workers in the Industry?

The increase in the minimum hourly wage for tourism and hospitality roles is good news for workers in the industry. It will ensure that workers are paid a fair wage that reflects their skills and experience. The wage increase will also help attract and retain skilled workers in the industry.


The new changes in minimum hourly wage for tourism and hospitality roles in New Zealand are a positive step towards improving the lives of workers in the industry. It will help to ensure that workers are paid a fair wage and help attract and retain talent.

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