Do you want to join your partner in New Zealand? Immigration New Zealand (INZ) offers various partnership based visa options based on your partner’s immigration status – he/she may be on a work visastudent visa, or travelling to the country on a visitor visa.

You also have the option to join your spouse on a visa that allows you to live permanently in New Zealand if they are already in New Zealand on a resident visa.

Spouses of New Zealand and Australian citizens who have made the country their primary place of residence can also avail partnership based visas based on their relationship with the principal applicant.

How do you qualify for a partnership based visa?

The qualification criteria for different New Zealand partnership based visas varies based on the visa category of the primary applicant – temporary or resident.

Having all these choices makes it vital that you adopt the most optimal path to gain your New Zealand spouse visa. Not only does your selection have a bearing on the outcome of your visa application, but it also changes what you can do during your stay in the country and what public services you will be able to access.

Work with an immigration expert to ensure you are not losing out on extracting the full potential of your stay in New Zealand.

How do you prove your partnership status for a New Zealand visa?

You may be in a happy relationship in your personal life but when it comes to qualifying for a spouse visa, INZ is going to ask you to provide evidence for this in the form they expect.

Be prepared to prove that your partnership status is based on legal marriage, civil union or is a de facto relationship, and you must be able to establish the stability and genuineness of your bond. You also need to have attained the right age and must be living together. INZ would like to see documents to be convinced that you both share responsibilities and spend enough quality time together.

What if you have been separated for some time? This may become tricky as INZ would probe your personal space to find why you had to be separated and how the separation may have affected your relationship.

INZ is known to act in ways that sometimes make it difficult for genuine couples to get partnership based visas. For instance, they recently were in the eye of a storm when Prime Minister had to step in to change INZ’s stand on culturally arranged marriages.

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