Migrating to New Zealand just became a lot juicier. The beautiful nation has been ranked as the 8th best place on the planet for raising kids by the Global Perception Survey conducted by BAV Group & Wharton School.

If one introspects deeply, then one of the prime reasons for work migration is improving the family’s quality of life. To achieve this objective, you would want to move into a country that offers job security, legal security & social security. New Zealand offers all of them. With a per capita GDP of USD 35k+, the rewards of working and living in NZ are many. The country offers world-class education and health infrastructure for your children too.

Basic public amenities are highly subsidised or free. It’s also a virtually crime-free society. However, bringing your children into the country is not default. Your work visas seldom cover the family angle. You have to explore the options here. In general, you have the option of using a dependent child visa or a student visa for that.

There are specific rules and mandates to be followed for the issuance of these visas. Plus there are many other good options that can be exploited to bring your children to NZ. Get in touch with us to know more about them.