New Zealand PR Process

Getting an NZ PR is a long process, but with a very clear pathway. There are various conditions and steps that one must follow to get a PR.

There is no doubt about how wonderful the country New Zealand is to live, work, and raise a family. The country easily ranks on top based on the international parameters of development index and human living. It is also considered as one of the safest, cleanest, and peaceful countries in the world where you can settle in right now. Among the immigration consultants, New Zealand also stands to be one of the most favorite destinations people looks to move in.

In such a case scenario, the New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa is a mandate in line to have a successful move to this beautiful country. The New Zealand PR Process, in that case, can get a little complicated initially but with proper immigration consultants, the same procedure might turn out to be a layman’s job. Hence, the blog here deals with all the things one should know in line to have a hassle-free permanent residency Visa application for New Zealand.

What do you mean by Permanent Residency in New Zealand?

A permanent residency Visa in New Zealand will allow you to live, work, or even study in the country for an imprecise time duration. The same will also provide the Visa holder most of the rights the citizen of New Zealand enjoy themselves. To do so, you have to first apply for the New Zealand PR process, and after successful verification, you can hold a resident visa for two years without any interruption.

Essential Benefits of New Zealand PR Process

The benefits one will enjoy after securing a permanent residency in New Zealand are endless. However, there are also a few benefits of New Zealand PR process which are as follow:

  • A successful permanent residency visa application will allow you to live in New Zealand for an indefinite span of time.
  • It will also provide you with access to the country’s healthcare section.
  • The same will also allow your child to pursue scholastic education in New Zealand.
  • A sound New Zealand PR Process will also make you eligible to exit and again visit the country as a resident on a permanent basis.

New Zealand PR Process – Things to Note

  • If you are looking to travel to New Zealand with a permanent residency in the country, then your PR Visa needs to be inside a valid passport. Also, you might have to again re-apply to transfer your PR Visa into a new passport.
  • Non-principal Visa applicants are not eligible to apply for PR in the country before the principal applicant applies for it first. There might be a non-principal exception where the applicant can apply for a PR Visa before the principal applicant does.
  • If the New Zealand immigration is unable to grant you a PR Visa, then they might be able to offer you another resident visa or a variation of it.
  • People who are directly affected by the tragic Christchurch terrorist attacks on 15 March 2019 and their New Zealand based family can directly apply for PR using a separate process.

New Zealand PR Process – In Short

The permanent residency process for New Zealand is directly dependent on the stream you have applied for your PR Visa. The same includes work to residency, residency to work, proficient migrant, and other family category Visas. In line to have a successful PR Visa application, you have to choose the right category of visa first. Once you have done it, you pretty much know the requirements associated with the particular Visa.

Although, the work to residency and residency to work Visas have different requirements and must be treated differently. Hence, one should correctly explore all the different types of residency Visas available in the country and choose the one that best suits the requirement.

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