New Zealand – COVID - New Travel Restrictions April 2021

Citizens and some other class of people can enter bank into NZ from high-risk countries soon. Many rules apply. Read the post to know more about it.

From midnight tonight, 28 April 2021, only New Zealand citizens andtheir immediate family members (including the parent of a dependent child who is a New Zealand citizen), and those with significant humanitarian reasons (an extremely high threshold would need to be met), may enter New Zealand from countries recently deemed high risk in terms of COVID-19.

Countries recently deemed high risk are: India, Brazil, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea.

These permitted travellers can enter New Zealand only after spending 14 days outside these specified high risk countries before their arrival.

Permitted travellers must test negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours of departure through an accredited laboratory for one specified authorised test.

All other permitted travellers, including New Zealand residents, critical workers and their immediate family members who hold valid visas (and in some cases hold Electronic Travel Authority), can enter New Zealand only if they spend 14 days outside the defined high risk countries before arrival, unless only transiting through a high risk country.

All other permitted travellers, must complete a 14 day stay in managed isolation or quarantine, unless travelling directly from a specific country deemed a quarantine-free travel zone and the person has spent 14 days in that country(these are: Australia, Cook Islands and Niue) where more relaxed rules apply.Note that travel from Western Australia has recently been placed on hold due to new COVID-19 infections.

Holders of valid visas from countries not deemed high risk and are outside quarantine-free travel zones must complete a 14 day stay in managed isolation or quarantine.

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We appreciate it can seem like a minefield of information to navigate through, especially when rules change so fast in this COVID impacted world, so it is worthwhile speaking with an Adviser from our team of professionals through a initial consultation to understand the criteria and your eligibility.

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We anticipate more restrictions in terms of requirements and countries deemed high-risk in future, as this new area of restriction has been specifically created to accommodate the changing overseas environment.

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