There are many reasons you would want to go for New Zealand citizenship. Firstly it’s a great place to live and grow. It is safe and secure, and we are sure that if you are planning for citizenship then you already are a resident. You have felt the vibes of the country firsthand, and we need not elaborate more on this.

New Zealand citizenship gives us a host of benefits. It of course would! you are now a part of New Zealand. It allows you to travel around the globe on a New Zealand passport. It also gives you full economic rights as well as an equal chance at availing scholarships and other benefits that are available to the citizens.

How to get New Zealand Citizenship?

There are only two ways that a person can get New Zealand citizenship. They are citizenship by descent and citizenship by grant. Both these types of citizenships are granted by the department of internal affairs. A person may qualify for citizenship by descent if he was born in some other country but one of his parents is a citizen of New Zealand. In general for most of the migrants citizenship by grant is the only viable option for getting New Zealand Citizenship. Please take note that for the children under the age of 16 the rules vary a bit.

For the sake of convenience, we would be discussing citizenship by grant as it is applicable to most of the migrant population. Following are the most common requirements for the grant of citizenship.


You should clearly demonstrate that you plan on living in the country. You want to spend the remainder of your life in the country and you imbibe the core values well.


You should have been living in New Zealand for at least 5 years with resident status in order to be considered for New Zealand Citizenship.


It goes without saying that in order to be a citizen you must understand the language of the country. In this case, the language is English. You should be proficient enough in English so as to conduct daily tasks without assistance.

Good Character

Character is something that New Zealand takes very seriously. You should not have been convicted in any major case during the past 5 years. This could hamper your citizenship status in a big way.


Before the grant of citizenship, you must demonstrate that you completely understand the responsibilities and the privileges that come with New Zealand Citizenship. Its vital that you understand your new country well, it will go a long way in determining your future in the country.