Moving to Canada From New Zealand

If moving to Canada from NZ is on your bucket list, then you should certainly keep reading. This article covers every relevant detail. Keep following.

Some of us are sticking to the country where we were born, raised, got a job, and started a family. But some amongst us do live the way our ancestors were-moving across the world in search of opportunities.

The human civilization has several examples of nomadic people moving in herds searching for favorable weather, living and economic conditions. Though we might not be moving in herds again, our primary motivation to migrate remains the same- better opportunities.

With the entire world converging to a cosmopolitan village that is well-connected by a flurry of transportation options, cross-country migration has been more accessible. Though each country has its own set of rules and regulations, immigration is an easy affair if you are well-informed and well-guided about the entire process. Want some info about NZ immigration from our consultants? Book a consultation.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected people and their lifestyles. People who were keen to migrate have been stalled because of unforeseen border restrictions in place. On the other hand, people pining for growth opportunities in particular countries have also encountered a stalemate. The international workforce, be it skilled or unskilled, is struggling to attain growth in their jobs because countries are trying to provide for the indigenous workforce that has succumbed to huge job loss owing to the pandemic.

Now that things are starting to clear out let’s look at how you can navigate your next big move.

Moving to Canada From NZ

Moving to Canada from NZ can happen for several reasons. If you are one of them who is doubting his future in the island nation, let us tell you that the INZ and the Government are working in tandem to improve the lives of the indigenous population and the international students and workforce stationed in the country.

Apart from extending specific visas, there are ongoing revisions for visa application and processing. INZ and the NZ Government are also taking several measures for the incoming and outgoing population amidst the border restrictions.

But let’s get back to the point. Why would you want to migrate from New Zealand and move to Canada?

A better future for the family

It is the primary reason for immigration. Moving to Canada from New Zealand is not exempted from this. A lot of people have long-term dreams of starting a life in Canada. Their deep personal and familial reasons could be the motivation for migration.

Continuing your studies

Several Canadian academic institutions are famous across the world for providing an excellent level of education. If you want to further your studies, moving to Canada could be a wise option.

Finding a better work-life balance

Canada has its own idyllic charms. There are also a plethora of opportunities regarding work. Living a comfortable life while providing value at your workplace is often your priority. Canada is best-suited for such a life.

Career opportunities

When you wish for a better future for your family and those dependent on you, you are automatically vying for better career opportunities. Canada is a massive country and offers various industries for you to work in. The economy is booming, and it could be the perfect time to make yourself a part of that growth.

Obtaining an entry into the US

Canada is connected to the supreme economic powerhouse-the US. Many people seek immigration to Canada so that they can realize their eventual immigration to the US. A Canadian passport is often enough for living and working in the US.

Now that we have covered the why’s of moving to Canada from NZ, let’s look at the what’s and how’s.

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Why Should You Move to Canada Now?

The simple answer- to facilitate your life and livelihood.

Canada offers a wide degree of charms for people wishing to migrate. Apart from its winter sports opportunities and unmatched natural splendor, Canada is becoming the hotspot for skilled immigrants from New Zealand and other countries.

The reason being Canada Government’s monumental announcement. The Immigration Department has opened a once-in-a-generation opportunity regarding the migration of skilled international workforce. While US streaming giants Netflix announcing their official Canadian inauguration is big news, the Government is also facing a critical skill-shortage of close to a million. The Government wants skilled migrants to come into the country and fill its acute skill shortage. They are ready to open the gates for such a skilled migrant workforce for a couple of years.

The Government is looking to increase immigration dramatically. The numbers are also astounding. The Federal high-skilled immigrants wishing to gain entry through the Express Entry System will be amounting to nearly 108,500 in 2021 alone. The next couple of years might see an increase in the number to 110,500 and 113,750 respectively.

Apart from such lucrative job opportunities, you can also move from NZ to Canada and start a new business. The possibilities are endless.

Moving to Canada From NZ- Is It an Easy Affair?

The Canada Government and its Immigration Department make a minimal distinction to the migrants based on their nationalities. You can expect little or no discrimination. The attitude is quite liberal. Hence, it will be easy for both NZ citizens and expats living in New Zealand to make a successful move to Canada.

How to Move to Canada From New Zealand?

Moving to Canada from NZ could be motivated by the spurt in opportunities. But you could also aim for something more permanent. The Permanent Residency Visa enables the NZ citizens and expats from the country to enjoy a flurry of benefits, including-

  • Living and working in Canada
  • Entering and leaving the country without the need for further visa application and processing
  • Access to healthcare
  • Access to the Canadian educational amenities for the children
  • Owning properties

Another upside is that the NZ visa holders who wish to have a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa can convert their visas to full Canadian citizenship. It is an excellent option for both expats and NZ citizens. Their country also has no objections towards dual citizenship. However, it should be borne in mind that the Permanent Residency Visa can match up to a ‘tentative citizenship’ till you obtain it. If you are a Permanent Residency Visa holder, you don’t possess the right to vote like Canadian citizens. You will also get deported according to the legal system if you commit some crime while your Permanent Residency Visa is valid.

How long does it last? Well, once you have accumulated at least two years of residency in every five-year period, you can hold on to this visa indefinitely. There are a lot of relaxations to this rule. One being, the two years of residency need not be consecutive but cumulative in nature.

Primary Categories of Canadian Immigration From New Zealand

Canada has launched one of the most ambitious immigration programs in world history. Its need to satiate the industrial and job ecosystem with more than a million skilled migrants has opened up various foreign internationals opportunities. NZ citizens and expats are amongst these.

Along with this opportunity, there is a generous offering of the Permanent Residency Visa, which could open up the gateways to Canadian citizenship. There are several trades and professions where you or your immediate family member could fit appropriately. And the best thing is that the person who serves in the Canadian industrial workforce is eligible to apply for a Permanent Residency Visa for himself and his family.

So let’s take a look at the main categories of Canadian immigration from NZ:

  • Federal Skilled Worker visa program
  • Quebec Skilled Worker visa program
  • Provincial Nominee program
  • Business Immigrant
  • Family Sponsorship
  • Canadian Experience Class

Each of these categories has been formed targeting different groups and classes of people wishing to move to Canada. For NZ citizens and expats living in the country, moving to Canada from New Zealand comes with a few conditions attached.

Firstly, if they are applying for Skilled Migration, they must first qualify with an eligible occupation. The next step is to qualify and enter the Canadian Express Entry Pool of Candidates.

Once you are on the list, your visa application and processing will become seamless. You can also acquire confirmed visas by passing the Red Seals Challenge if you are a Tradesperson. Having a certified job offer in Canada will help you move quickly through the pool of candidates. For more options of making your bid successfully, you can book a consultation with our immigration experts. They will help you set sail to the Canadian shores!

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