The Latest Implementation Status of the Pathway Student Visa

Immigration NZ has put Pathway Student Visa on hold due to the ongoing COVID 19 crisis. Stay connected for a detailed insight.

INZ has taken several critical steps during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis to help the citizens and expats living in New Zealand deal with the situations efficiently. Amongst them, the border restrictions except the Critical Purpose Visitor Visa is an excellent introduction. The reformative measures adopted by the NZ Government and its Immigration Ministry prove their honest intent and their endeavors at securing the lives of their people.

What is the Pathway Student Visa?

The Pathway Student Visa (PSV) was introduced as a pilot program in December 2015. It aimed at allowing international students to take up to three study programs at one or more eligible education providers based on a single visa for up to five years.

For example, if you take a Language course, transfer to a year-long foundation program, then move onto a degree course, all three courses are included in one visa under the Pathway Student Visa Scheme.

The Visa was extended to secondary school studies as well, where you could get one visa to cover the entire duration of your studies rather than reapply each year.

Benefits of the Pathway Student Visa (PSV)

The Pathway Student Visa (PSV) has provided several safeguards, opportunities, and benefits for availing International Students who aspire to study in New Zealand.

Some of these are listed below:

  • You have to apply just once, and one visa will cover up to three courses for five years
  • The study and projects will be mapped out from the start, making the transition between courses and providers much smoother, giving you time and more peace and freedom to focus on your studies
  • All your education providers will support you throughout the time. It is because all participating providers have made a formal agreement with the Pathway visa to manage your education and look after you while you are in New Zealand
  • It allows you to be able to work while you study. Various courses will enable you to work up to 20 hours per week and full-time during scheduled breaks or vacation periods. If the first course qualifies for work rights, you'll be granted the ability to work for the duration of the visa; if it's your second or subsequent program of study, you will need to Immigration New Zealand for a variety of conditions before you can start working

If you need detailed information about the work rights, then you need to contact our immigration experts. Book a consultation with our esteemed NZ Immigration advisors, and they will fill you in with the relevant details.

Things to Note Down

While the Pathway Student Visa does its best to reach out to all international students and help them, there are specific points that have to be kept in mind while applying for the visa -

  • You cannot include your partner or dependent children/ family member in a student visa application; they can, however, apply for their own visas based on their relationship to you
  • The Pathway Student Visas are meted out for a long enough period to complete your qualification plan
  • You will need to meet the specific prerequisites for any second or third courses on your study pathway in New Zealand for using the Pathway Student Visa

You can check with the relevant details regarding the Pathway Student Visa if you reach out to us. We boast of a team of the most experienced professionals who have dealt with every matter regarding student immigration and international student education in New Zealand. Book a consultation and get to know it first-hand.

Requirements of a Student Visa

If you are applying for a New Zealand Student visa, you may or may not be asked for the following. But it is always better to know things beforehand. In that way, you can always put some time behind your preparation and come up with the best results.

  • Confirmation of an offer from an education service provider that you have enrolled or you have invited for a particular course – program or project
  • Documents of bank statements stating your bank balance, revenues of income, and other necessary details as requested by the officer or the education service provider
  • Passport standard photographs that match your other documents
  • Valid passport to travel to New Zealand and avail other services once in the country
  • Medical certificate to prove your medical history, if any, or in severe cases, prescriptions of required medicines
  • A police clearance certificate from your country is mandatory
  • English language proficiency test results (recommended IELTS 5.5 and above)
  • Payment receipts of all pertinent transactions carried out concerning arrival to New Zealand
  • Proof of onward travel or enough funds to buy a transport home is a must

Current Status of the Pathway Student Visa Program

The decision to make this visa category permanent was announced by Immigration New Zealand in early 2021. However, due to the Pathway Student Visa (PSV) eligibility requirements, it cannot be introduced into a permanent category until after some time that the border has been reopened.

It has been decided that no new education providers will be added to the scheme at this time, and the rest of the Pathway Student Visa (PSV) instructions shall remain.

Providers who are part of the PSV can continue supporting applications for students in New Zealand or those who can apply for a PSV under a border exception.

Closing Thoughts

While there was no stone unturned from the Government or Immigration NZ side to extend a helping hand to all international students who wished to come to the land of Kiwis to prosper in their academic career, the current COVID 19 situation has put everything on hold.

The problems faced by the education sector or the International student community concerning the COVID Crisis are not limited to New Zealand alone – the world structure of educational institutes and service providers are currently reassessing and redressing the problems thrown to humanity by the virus.

Keeping in mind the potential threat, health and safety regulations of Immigration, NZ has decided to delay the Pathway Students Visa.

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