Irish Immigration to New Zealand

People from Ireland find New Zealand a great place and platform to live and build their life. Irish immigrants have been a vital part of New Zealand society for a long time.

Irish people making New Zealand their Home is nothing new. They have been doing it for ages. There are many things common between both countries. For starters, we speak the same language. The population of New Zealand is equal to that of Ireland, the only difference being that the size is almost double. That means you get to live in a large area with plenty of open space for outdoor activities.

Irish people have been around New Zealand since the gold rush days. They love it by all means. There have been significant contributions of Irish people in New Zealand. There are many noticeable differences between living in Ireland and New Zealand. The biggest one of them is economic. New Zealand offers great growth opportunities for the people of Ireland. New Zealand is a land full of can-do attitudes. From mountains to open spaces. There is a lot that can be done here.

Why make New Zealand your new Home?

New Zealand offers the best of the worlds. It’s like having everything under one roof. The country provides the best education, health care, and job opportunities. It is perhaps the only country on earth that places great emphasis on balancing work and life. There is the rule of law in the country. The legal system is really good, and business concerns are protected. New Zealand also has some of the best protected urban centres. Crime is at an all-time low, and people are really happy here. The public health care system is one of the finest on the earth, and so is education.

Education in New Zealand is more practical and job oriented than theoretical. No wonder most of the sane world wants to get educated in New Zealand. Job markets are also great. New Zealand is a robustly growing economy and needs all the talent it can get its hands on. This country is like career heaven for the right person with the right skills. You can get all the growth you can garner. From employment to running your own business, this place provides equal opportunities to everyone.

What are the options for the citizens of Ireland?New Zealand

On a wider scale, there are 3 options available for citizens of Ireland to make New Zealand their Home. There is the beautiful option of working holiday visas for young Irish adults aged 18 – 30. A working holiday visa allows them to explore the country before making the big decision. It also allows them to sustain their stay with work. The duration of this visa is for 12 months. Any Irish citizen holding a visa can explore the entire country and take jobs anywhere to sustain their stay within this period. If they like what they see, they might also explore other options.

The second option is the skilled migrant visa. For this visa, the skills possessed by the individual should match the ones New Zealand needs urgently. To apply for this visa, you must check the skills shortage lists issued by Immigration New Zealand. There is a proper procedure to be followed for this visa. There are many sub-classifications of skilled migrant visa for which one might apply. It would be best to get in touch with a licensed immigration adviser like us to know more about them.

The third option is the investor’s visa. Citizens of Ireland are allowed to invest in the country and run their businesses. Getting this visa is a bit complex, and it would be wise to get a licensed immigration adviser like us by your side for the same.

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