In-Demand Skills for Employment in NZ

The NZ Government has a published skills shortage list. Migrant laborers can find suitable jobs if they possess those skills. We’ve discussed those in detail.

The NZ job ecosystem is a bustling one. Though the pandemic created a considerable job loss within the country, the Government and every industrial sector collaborated exceptionally well to bounce back. The economic slump endured worldwide has been more significant than the one suffered by NZ. You can say that the implementation of the strict border restrictions and other measures taken by the Government has created an almost-fairytale situation in the country. Only 26 deaths have occurred to date due to the pandemic.

While the Government and the INZ are working in tandem further to revive the country’s industrial and professional ecosystem, there are ample opportunities at hand. Work Visa extensions have ensured that migrant laborers can keep their place in the industries and continue reaping advantages and delivering value.

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Jobs in Skill Shortage

The Government of NZ displays several jobs on its skill shortage list. These jobs are often updated as well. Skill shortage occurs when the employer cannot find someone suitable for the job role. If you are looking for a full-time professional career in NZ, you should have detailed know-how regarding skill shortage. In this way, you can decide which subjects to pursue during your undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

What are the reasons for the skill shortage in NZ?

Skill shortage in NZ happens due to a flurry of reasons. We have tried to list a few amongst those.

  • There is a scarcity of workers who have the right skill-set and are available for the job
  • The turnover is high because the workers are unsatisfied with the wages and the employment conditions
  • There is a general shortage of labor. It happens during specific cases like unemployment situations being rampant, multiple organizations crashing due to the pandemic, etc

What are the reasons for the change in the skill shortage situation in NZ?

Skill shortage is not something permanent. But it is subject to change. The change in skill shortage can happen due to the following reasons.

  • The economy and associated industrial technologies are encountering tremendous change
  • The skilled workforce is prone to migration. The skilled workers might find a more favorable working condition in a neighboring country and are moving there
  • An aging workforce

According to Immigration New Zealand’s skill shortage lists, they issue several temporary visas. While some temporary visas like the Essential Skills Shortage Visa bank on the essential skill-set of the migrant laborers, other temporary visas are a go-to ticket for residence in New Zealand.

If you are unsure about the kind of work visa that will suit your skills, you need to check the current skill shortage list of INZ. If you are still unsure, you are welcome to book a consultation with our experienced immigration advisors.

What if your occupation is in the skill shortage lists of INZ?

If you have a standing full-time job offer in NZ and your occupation matches one of the categories mentioned in the skill shortage lists, you can apply for an Essential Skills Work Visa in NZ. INZ reviews the skill shortage lists periodically and lists the revised in-demand skills.

What if your occupation does not belong to the skill shortage lists of INZ?

Suppose you have a standing full-time job offer in NZ, but your occupation does not belong to the skill shortage lists. In that case, you can only apply for the relevant work visa if there are no suitable indigenous candidates available for the job.

The employer must be accredited, must advertise for the job role in NZ, and must have made genuine efforts to recruit suitable New Zealanders and NZ citizens for the job.

What is the Essential Skills Work Visa in New Zealand?

Are you a foreign national who wants to work in NZ? Getting an Essential Skills Work Visa could be your dream-come-true! This visa is meant for the people who possess unique skills and can be absorbed by the country’s industrial ecosystem.

Some important information regarding the Essential Skills Work Visa.

  • It is a temporary work visa. However, according to the latest announcements by the INZ, it might be subject to automatic renewal or extensions upon expiry within a specific date
  • The Essential Skills Work Visa is issued for the applicants who possess the skills present in the New Zealand Skill Shortage List
  • It is also issued in favor of the migrant laborers possessing the required skill-set when an NZ employer cannot find a suitable NZ citizen to do the job
  • Most Essential Skills Work Visas do not have an age limit
  • The visa tenure is primarily dependent on the job profile, salary, employment details, and labor market conditions

What is the Working Holiday Visa?

A Working Holiday Visa is the perfect combination of work and play! You can soak in the scenic splendor of NZ while being employed in the country. You need to find out the particulars of the Working Holiday Visa from the INZ website. For Indians and other foreign nationals, the Working Holiday Visa duration is 12 months, and you can only apply for this visa if your age group belongs to the 18 to 30/35 years bracket. In contrast, for US and Canadian citizens, the duration of the same visa is 23 months.

What is the Work to Residence Visa?

You can apply for the Work to Residence Visa under a couple of categories only after you have fulfilled 24 months of employment in New Zealand. These categories are described below.

The Work to Residence Visa under the Long-term Skill Shortage List

You can apply under this category only if you have a long-term or permanent job offer and it belongs to the Long-term Skill Shortage job list. Your qualifications, experiences, age, health, and character requirements should meet the job details.

The Work to Residence Visa under the Talent/Accredited Employer Work Visa category

You can apply under this category if you are a foreign national with a long-term or permanent job offer from an accredited employer in New Zealand. You meet the age, health, and character requirements posted in the job details. You should also meet the specific needs of the respective job.

If you are one of those who possess in-demand skills, there are a lot of options for scalability in terms of professional growth in NZ.

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