How Has New Zealand Adopted the Post-Pandemic Mantra of 'Skill, Reskill and Upskill'?

The NZ Government has acted with alacrity. It has recovered from the economic slump and is rejigging the entire job ecosystem. Read on for more info.

It has been close to a global pandemic anniversary while this article is being penned. While social distancing, stay-at-home directives during emergency lockdowns, and following safety and security norms have become quite normal these days, it is really hard to go back to the world that was there before COVID-19. While the viral pandemic created a global standstill of unprecedented range, it also changed how we look at things.

One of the foremost to take a lesson from the pandemic has been the New Zealanders. Since every crisis breeds opportunities, it is ideal for making the most of them. The NZ Government and its Immigration Department are bringing several work visa application changes and offshore visa processing suspensions. Since numerous visa application procedures have undergone a renewal, people are affected differently. But the Government is making ideal arrangements so that these people find their footing back in the educational and professional ecosystem of NZ.

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The NZ Government’s Motive Behind the Post-Pandemic Gearshift?

The COVID-19 pandemic had caused a worldwide economic meltdown, and most international corporations and conglomerates of repute have succumbed to it. SMBs also didn’t escape the list of pandemic-affected businesses. In addition to the year being one of the worst years for investments and creating wealth, it also hit the job market quite harshly.

NZ Immigration Minister Kris Faafoi confirmed in a press statement that the current situation has around 1,92,000 migrant laborers staying and contributing to the country’s workforce. One of the major reasons for this number to stay stable and not dwindle in the face of the pandemic has been the widespread job loss of the native New Zealanders. Companies are shutting down due to low business. Elsewhere, employers are cutting down on the wages of the native workforce and making them redundant. These employment gaps are being stuffed with migrant laborers.

According to the Immigration Department’s updates and inspections, these migrant laborers are often exploited due to the absence of ideal working conditions or suitable payment. With every individual facing a challenge in one form or the other, native and international students are reluctant to venture into the precarious job market.

Hence, the Immigration Department and the NZ Government are working in conjunction to introduce necessary changes to the labor and employment laws that safeguard the working conditions and payment of both skillful migrants and natives. They are looking for accredited employers and labor-hire franchisees to recruit so that workplace exploitation can be negated.

Apart from these, let’s look at the skilling initiatives taken up by the NZ Government to ensure the re-entry of the indigenous population into the country’s industrial ecosystem.

Post-Pandemic Motto in New Zealand- Skill, Reskill and Upskill

Suppose you are a migrant laborer who has encountered a visa extension in New Zealand. In that case, you should take some time out and assess your skills and qualities. Also, being an international student waiting for on-shore opportunities in NZ once your academic tenure gets completed; you should also introspect about your future. The future is highly doubtful. The situations are topsy-turvy, so you have to think smartly and make level-headed decisions. You can also book a consultation and get advised by our immensely experienced pool of NZ immigration experts.

According to some of the NZ Government's top officials, the entire skilling industry is going through an upheaval. The job markets are changing, and with the pandemic taking its toll, the change has been humongous. That is why there is an emerging need for both vertical and horizontal players to provide form and structure to the skilling ecosystem.

The Government believes that the entire domestic industry is poised to benefit from the skilling initiatives run by them and the private players. It had predicted the need for reskilling and upskilling long back for retaining your competitiveness in the market. But in the post-pandemic era, those predictions will bear fruit.

The pandemic has also witnessed a surge in new skills learning. Rapid digitization during the COVID era has seen critical operations shift from offline to online. These changes have introduced a major momentum shift in the recruitment and hiring patterns of industries.

Since many new roles are opening up in the industries, the Government encourages accredited employers to invest in the skilling of the indigenous workforce. There is a flurry of learning and development teams that partner with edtech players to enthuse the working population with essential skills and keep the market a steady place for all professional aspirants.

Summing Up

Several work visa and student visa holders deem the current situation conducive to learning new skills, working on the existing ones, and making themselves future-proof. While these people are searching for better career prospects in NZ, the Immigration Department’s decision to extend the visas of people dependent on the current visa holders will also give them hope. If you, too, are venturing in NZ for a bright future and a career full of growth opportunities, you should also consider reskilling and upskilling yourself.

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