Every Essential Information About a Partnership Visa NZ

The NZ government has defined an apt process of applying for a Partnership Visa NZ. Stay connected to know more.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has had a destructive impact on every country globally, New Zealand has tried to mitigate the risks efficiently and minimize the consequences. Though there have been job losses and casualties, these are amongst the lowest globally. Imposition of suitable border restrictions, the introduction of the Critical Purpose Visitor Visa, Work and NZ Visitor Visa extensions, employment law reforms, and a host of other progressive decisions adopted and implemented by the government and other higher bodies has ensured the safety, security, and prosperity of the NZ citizens and expats.

The NZ government defines partnership as two individuals of the same or opposite sex staying together in an authentic relationship of the legal relationship, a civil union, or a de facto relationship. The process of filing a partnership-based visa NZ may appear simple, but there are a lot of hurdles that an individual can face while applying for a partnership-based visa. Before applying for the visa, it is necessary to have detailed information about visa requirements and procedures. Proper requirement knowledge eventually increases the chances of your visa approval.

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Things You Need to Know About NZ Partnership Visa

A wide range of partnership visas are available, but the visa eligibility depends on the immigration status and the purpose of your visit to New Zealand. Hence it is essential to know which visa best suits you before processing the visa application. Some common types of partnership-based visas in New Zealand are discussed below.

  • Visitor/work permit for a partner of worker
  • Visitor/work permit for a partner of a student
  • Visitor/work permit for a partner of NZ native/resident
  • Resident visa for partners of NZ citizens/resident

For any of the above-mentioned partnership visas NZ, the Immigration NZ's relationship criteria should be met. Unless the conditions are fulfilled, an individual cannot apply for a partnership-based visa.

Necessary Documentation for the NZ Partnership Visa

If you plan to apply for a partnership visa NZ, it is essential to provide documentary evidence to prove your partner's relationship. Documentary proofs and evidence may vary depending upon the type of visa you wish to apply for and the kind of association you maintain with your partner. Textual explanations may include marriage certificates, a couple of photographs, joint bank accounts, house rent agreements, social media chats, and other legal documents.

All the legal documents furnished and the visa application will ease the case officer to confirm that you stay with your partner in the same home and the relationship between both people is genuine and unchanging. In some instances, if your partner has stayed away for a more extended period, it is necessary to provide adequate information about the stay and the reason behind the visit. This will help in easy assessment before proceeding with the visa application.

Supplementary Documents

Apart from the necessary documents, many other forms need to be submitted if you plan to apply for an NZ partnership visa. Knowledge about additional documents makes the visa process smooth and easy and increases visa approval chances to the next level. Some of the supplementary documents required during the visa process are mentioned below.

  • According to the NZ government, an individual should meet the character requirement for the visa as mentioned in the NZ employment laws
  • Health requirements are a necessity. Hence it should be met before you apply for a partnership-based visa NZ
  • You must necessarily meet a partner's definition through a legal marriage, a civil union, or a de facto relationship
  • It is essential to meet all the vital requirements and eligibility criteria for the type of visa you apply for
  • In addition to the requirements mentioned above, both the individuals should be 18 years of age. Legal consent from parents and guardians is required if both the partners are below 18 years of age
  • Both partners should be known to each other before filing a partnership-based visa
  • They should not be in disobedience with Civil Union Act 2004 or the Marriage Act 1995.

Assessing Partnership Criteria

The visa officer who interprets your case will assess your partnership requirements on the following conditions.

  • How long both the individuals know each other
  • Duration of the couple staying together as partners
  • Living arrangements and facilities
  • Whether you both are in a state to support each other financially
  • How do you share your financial responsibilities?
  • The commitment level of both the partners for staying together
  • If you own a property together or transfer any property
  • If you have any children together or have any plans of adopting any child in the future
  • If other people recognize your relationship

Processing Time for NZ Partner Visa

The processing time for an NZ Partner Visa depends upon the visa category that you are opting for. A temporary permit may take 1-6 months for its approval or declination, but a partnership-based visa may take up to 8-10 months to get its approval. Further delays may be caused due to character certificates, health issues, and other confidential information.

Challenges You Might Face While Applying For an NZ Partnership Visa

Even though a clear set of instructions is published, many people often get rejected for their partnership visas. Although many reasons can lead to visa rejections, the reason behind rejection can be the evidence and documents furnished and the visa application. Further, the visa officer's interpretation also plays a vital role in approving and rejecting a visa.

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Before applying for a partnership-based visa NZ, be aware of all the necessary documents required during the visa filing process. This will certainly reduce your chances of visa rejection.

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