Employer Accreditation

Are you a New Zealand employer who needs to hire skilled overseas workers regularly to supplement your local workforce? Become an Immigration New Zealand (INZ) accredited employer. While you are on INZ’s accredited employer list, you will not have to check if any local New Zealanders (citizens or residence class visa holders) can do the work before hiring skilled migrant workers.

What is Employer Accreditation?

Employer Accreditation means you have an approved application from the INZ to hire international workers using Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visa – this allows an accredited employer to smoothen its hiring process for migrant workers.
Every accredited employer NZ must ensure it is directly responsible for the workers it employs on this work visa. In addition, the migrant workers must be paid the minimum salary prescribed by the visa. (currently NZ$ 79,560).

What are the benefits of Getting Accredited by Immigration New Zealand?

A distinct advantage of being an accredited employer NZ immigration approves is that you save time and money by not having to test the local New Zealand labour market before offering the position to an overseas worker. Working with other work visa categories requires you to create and maintain a lot more paperwork for each work visa application.
In addition, being a New Zealand accredited employer allows you to employ overseas workers for up to 30 months initially to work in your core business activity. Another advantage of being on the accredited employer list is that you can back work visa applications for multiple international workers while you stay accredited.
It is also easier for the migrant workers to procure a New Zealand Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visa compared to the other work visa categories – they will need an offer from you to proceed.
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What Does the Employer Accreditation Process Look Like?

For you to be an accredited employer NZ will allow to support Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visas, you will need to convince INZ that:
  • You are financially sound; and
  • Your human resource policies and procedures are of a high standard; and
  • As a responsible business operating in New Zealand, you have shown a commitment to train and employ local citizens and residence class holders.; and
  • Your company adheres to good workplace practices – this includes staying compliant with all employment and immigration laws of New Zealand. The list of regulations you need to show compliance includes Immigration Act 2009, the Minimum Wage Act 1983, the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, the Accident Compensation Act 2001, Employment Relations Act 2000, Wages Protection Act 1983, Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987, the Equal Pay Act 1972, the Employment Relations and the Holidays Act 2003. Note that this is not the complete list.
Before INZ decides your employer accreditation application, they may:
  • Consult unions and other state agencies
  • Ask you to provide more information
  • Visit your site of work
  • Direct you to appear for an in-person interview
Once your New Zealand accreditation application is approved, your name will be published on the INZ’s “Accredited Employers List” if you have agreed for this in your application.
Note that subsidiary companies are not covered even if the parent company attains an accredited employer status with the INZ – every subsidiary will need to apply on their own to gain employer accreditation.

How Long Does it Take to Become Accredited?

INZ typically takes around 4 months to process Accredited Employer applications. It is recommended that for you to be ready in time, you should apply 3 months prior to the time you wish to start your hiring process.
However, additional time may be needed if you have been in trouble with the compliance of any New Zealand immigration or labour laws – also allow time to gather evidence of your financial standing and Human Resource policies.

How Does Accreditation Renewal Work?

Your employer accreditation expires in 2 years.
For you to be able to utilize your accredited employer status to hire international workers beyond the current expiry date, you must apply for the renewal before your accreditation expires.
It is recommended that you apply around 3 months before your accreditation expires so there is no lapse in your coverage. Note that it is cheaper to get your accreditation renewed than applying for the first time. If you fail to apply for your New Zealand employer accreditation renewal before it expires, INZ will consider your application as if this is the first time you are applying.
INZ will need you to demonstrate that you are continuing to meet the accreditation requirements in order to get an approval for your renewal application. You will need to furnish updated versions of the proof that you submitted as part of your original accreditation application.
If INZ identifies any concerns that show you may not be meeting the criteria, you will have an opportunity to address them before a decision is made on the revocation of your accreditation.

How Can We Help You in the Employer Accreditation Process?

We have licensed immigration consultants on our team, which means that you can count on us being accurate and open in our advice. Not only that, they stay abreast of latest changes in the employer accreditation program – so you will avoid making costly mistakes by being aware of the latest developments.
Our team of immigration professionals works out of our Auckland office, so we are local – you can walk into our office and seek our expert guidance in the privacy of our premises.
Becoming an accredited employer has many benefits, but you have to ensure you do not get into a situation where your accreditation application is rejected or face revocation of your approved accreditation status, which may happen due to factors such as:
  • Failing to comply with any INZ request to provide the requested information on time
  • Supplying misleading or false information to the INZ or not furnishing it in the required format
  • Conduct that generates an unacceptable risk to the integrity of INZ or employment laws
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