Why Employer Accreditation and Job Checks Are Vital for New Zealand Employers

If you want to hire overseas talent quickly then job checks and accreditation process is a must. Read ahead to know more.

The Accreditation and Job Check process guarantees that you will first hire New Zealand citizens before even considering those on visas. If, ultimately, you do decide to hire someone who is not a NZ citizen, this system ensures that your business is legitimate and operates with good standards.

Why it is so important

These checks protect the rights of New Zealand employees and also ensure that employers are compliant with immigration laws. It also helps to prevent employers from undercutting local wages by hiring workers who don't have the same legal rights or earning opportunities as those citizens born in NZ.

The Accreditation and Job Check process allows employers to validate the skill levels and qualifications of potential candidates before deciding to hire them. This process helps employers to verify the job experience, qualifications, and related background information that a candidate may have claimed. 

The Accreditation and Job Check also provides additional protection against fraud or misrepresentation by checking documents such as passports, visas, work permits and references.

Accreditation and Job Checks also help to ensure that employers provide a safe working environment for all its employees. This helps to protect vulnerable workers from exploitation and makes sure that employers are compliant with health and safety regulations.

Ultimately, the Accreditation and Job Check process provides New Zealand employers with the assurance that they have embraced best practices in compliance with employment laws and regulations. This process helps employers to protect their business and workforce, while also ensuring that they are compliant with immigration laws.

By using this Accreditation and Job Check system, New Zealand employers can confidently recruit the right people for the right roles without compromising on safety or legal obligations. The Accreditation and Job Check service ultimately helps employers to hire the best and most suitable candidates while protecting the rights of all employees.

It is important to remember that Accreditation and Job Checks are just one part of making sure that you hire the right people for your business, but they are an essential part of making sure you comply with New Zealand law and regulations. With this process in place, employers can ensure they are making the best possible decisions when hiring and protecting their workforce.


For more information on how to use the Accreditation and Job Check process, please contact a licensed immigration advisor like Professional Visa Solutions. They will be able to guide you through the necessary steps to protect your business, employees and reputation.

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