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Dependent Child

Dependent Child
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Dependent Child Visa NZ

Dependent Child Visa NZ– The immigration system in New Zealand offers a number of options that allow dependent children to join their parents. They can get either a temporary visa or a residence visa, depending on the status of their parents in New Zealand.

The crucial requirement is the child has to be financially dependent on you. They must also be single and, if they are 18 or over, cannot have children of their own. Dependent children can get resident visas up to the age of 24 in some circumstances, but the maximum age for a temporary visa for a dependent child is 19.
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Most New Zealand visas let you include dependent children on your application. That said, there are some visas where you can’t have dependent children and others where your dependent children must have their own temporary child visa, NZ. In the case of the latter, your child will probably get either a student or visitor visa in their own right.

At Professional Visa Solutions, we are here to help guide you through the process to ensure your child gets a visa as simply as possible. We will explain your options and can also help with your application, submitting it to the immigration authorities and dealing with any queries that arise.

All members of our team are fully licensed immigration advisers to ensure you get the best advice. We also have experience of all types of visa application. Contact us today to find out more or read on to learn more about relevant dependent child visa NZ rules.

Temporary Child Visa NZ

One of the temporary visas you can get for your child is a student visa. This applies if your children are the right age to go to primary, intermediate, or secondary school. It can also apply if your children plan to study at a New Zealand university.

If your child is too young for school or won’t be attending school for any other reason, the right visa to get is usually a visitor visa.

There are several requirements that apply whether you are getting a visitor or student visa for your child. The requirements also apply if your child is being included on your visa application. The most important requirement is your child must be dependent on you. This means they must be single and they must rely on you for financial support. This usually means the child must live with you although other factors are also considered. This includes how old the child is and whether they have other means of financial support, such as a job.

In addition, dependent children aged 18 to 20 who have their own children cannot get a dependent child visa based on their relationship with you.They may be able to get a visa in their own right.

Dependent Child Resident Visa

The rules for dependent child resident visa are similar to those for temporary visas. The main difference is that children aged 21 to 24 can be regarded as dependent children on resident visa applications. For this to be accepted, your child must be single, have no childrenof their own, and be financially dependent on you.

Please note, however, you may have to go through additional steps to prove that an older child, particularly one aged over 20, is financially dependent on you.

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Delays in getting visas for dependent children can be disruptive to your family life and career. To ensure your children can come to New Zealand to live with you, you should make sure your visa application is accurate and submitted on time.
We can help with this process. We’ll give you advice on the steps to take as well as helping you collect the necessary documentation. You can also get us to complete the application for you, submit it, and deal with INZ queries.

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