Immigration New Zealand Critical Purpose Visa Applications – Offshore Applicants

Read this post if you are seeking entry into New Zealand under special criteria due to border closure restrictions during these COVID-19 impacted times.

Our team of Immigration Advisers at Professional Visa Solutions wish to share our knowledge, experiences and insights during these COVID-19 impacted times in relation to those seeking entry to New Zealand under special criteria due to border closure restrictions.

New Zealand’s border entry situation remains a mixed bag, with frequent changes and adjustments to COVID-19 related immigration policies allowing for some to benefit whilst excluding others.

The process for entry to New Zealand in the current climate is a two-stage approach. Firstly, an expression of interest is made through online request to Immigration New Zealand. A small fee applies and multiple subsequent requests can be made. Requests are decided promptly. Secondly, once invited to apply, a critical purpose visa application is made to allow the opportunity to demonstrate specific relevant criteria can be met through evidential submission. The application fee varies and is generally more.

If the application is declined, the process will need to be recommenced. In some instances our Advisers may be able to challenge Immigration New Zealand on an unfavourable decision made.

The considerable range of categories deemed of critical purpose for entry and the fundamental criteria to be met can be found via the Immigration New Zealand website.

It can seem daunting for anyone to establish which category may apply to their situation, let alone the complex criteria to be met and what evidence should be provided to demonstrate this. This is where our team of professionals can assist by honing in on which avenue could suit you and what specific relevant documentation you would need to amass in support of your situation.

We know the “humanitarian” avenue draws many in with tempting premise in these desperate times, although this avenue has a higher threshold in satisfying Government than any other. We can consider your circumstances and give a realistic indication of any viability.

Common viable areas fall within employment and family reunion/settlement based options with some concessions for students.

If you have certain vocational skills desired and have a job offer, you could be eligible for entry. If you have a partnership relationship with a New Zealander, regardless of whether currently together or not, you may be eligible for entry. If you held a work visa for New Zealand, you could also be eligible. Child/parent connection also has a potential avenue as well as for higher level prior students.

Noticeably, we have represented to Immigration New Zealand heavily on behalf of partners of New Zealand citizens and permanent residents who have doubted their ability to gain success, much to their delight we have gained the result desired, enabling families to be together in New Zealand’s safe environment.

Regardless of whether you are with your partner overseas currently, or separated due to border restrictions, it is worth discussing your situation with an experienced professional from our team to ascertain if a viable pathway to enter New Zealand exists now or explore your options with what to prepare for in the future. A visitor visa for entry is generally obtained initially followed by a work visa once in New Zealand with your partner.

If you are a skilled worker, due to New Zealand’s shifting job market needs, Government have been allowing migrant labour from offshore which is not readily available in New Zealand to fill certain roles. Specifically, those deemed to be skilled in vital vocational fields are highly desired. All it takes is an offer of employment utilising your specialist skills. A great place to start is with these popular job seeker websites:

Those working within the health and medical (notably aged care), construction and infrastructure (notably project managers and installers) fields have strong viability for entry under an “other” critical purpose option. New Zealand’s labour market shifting sands may not provide benefit in these areas in the future, so if you work in these fields or an employer in these fields, it is worth discussing matters with your employment specialist advisory team.

Due to New Zealand’s desire to retain its proud minimal Covid-19 impact going forward whilst other nations seem to be falling further behind in their recovery, we anticipate that this growing gap may encourage the New Zealand Government to tighten its allowances for entry. This could include restrictions imposed on certain nationals, family unit criteria and employment avenues. This is why we encourage discussing your viability for entry with us today to avoid disappointment in future.

Once we establish viability and gain an entry visa as the end result, we will continue to support you by building an established pathway toward a permanent stay in New Zealand.

Note: Most entrants to New Zealand are now required to obtain a pre-departure COVID-19 test prior to boarding their flight.

Why Use Professional Visa Solutions?

Professionals like us are here to help navigate the maze and aid in your desires to gain entry to New Zealand during these tough times.

It is important to get it right first time to avoid hassles and further associated costs. The experienced and dedicated team at Professional Visa Solutions will ensure we work closely with you, any supportive family members and any employer, every step of the way. From gaining deep understanding of the nature of your situation to devise the best approach and prepare a case, providing exemplary tailored guidance and advice with samples provided, through to gaining both the border exemption request and any subsequent application, whilst all being done to our high service standards with respect and confidentiality.

All at very competitive prices.

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