The first thing that would crop up in the minds of people planning to migrate to Auckland is the cost of living. Now Cost of living in Auckland is something which is very subjective. There is no stable benchmark to it per se. Having mentioned that we would attempt to put some figures on this phenomenon so that the visitors get some fair idea about the cost of living in Auckland. One needs to understand that the cost of living varies from place to place and person to person. It all depends upon how to live and manage things too at your own end.

General Determiners of Cost of Living in Auckland

Auckland is a big city, and it is slightly more expensive than any other place in New Zealand. One big reason for it is the migrant settlements in the city. It is such a great place that anyone coming from abroad would try his/her level best to make it home. Auckland is anyways a full-fledged cosmopolitan city. It has every modern amenity and business that one could think of. All this puts pressure on the land, and rents are on the higher side because of it. A decent dwelling in Auckland will cost you around 2000 NZD a month. Mind you this is a very ballpark figure which we have mentioned. Things could go higher or lower depending upon the area you choose to live in.

Cost of Living in Auckland for A Student

Auckland has many good educational institutes. There are many polytechnic colleges also. This leads to many students arriving every year in Auckland for studies. Taking their example let us provide you with a ballpark figure. Cost of living shared accommodation can be between 500 NZD to 800 NZD per month. Add to it utility bills of around 250 NZD per month. Plus you have to eat also. Groceries would cost you around 300 NZD per month. Apart from these expenses, just take a ballpark of 100 NZD as misc expenses for travel and medical care, etc. All these costs are excluding any expenses that you might have to bear at the educational institute that you are a part of. Just do the math you would get a fair idea.

Cost Of Living in Auckland For A Family Man

If you are a working professional in Auckland with a family. Then the cost of living in Auckland could be very different for you. For a family man, there are many expenses to be met. Some are planned and some are unplanned. As the head of the family, you would be completely aware of what it is going to cost you living in Auckland. A 2 bedroom furnished apartment is around 2000 NZD per month. Expect utility bills of 500 NZD per month. Add a grocery markup of 500 NZD per adult per month. Here you have a ballpark figure of the cost of living in Auckland. As a working man, you have to commute to work and take care of other family responsibilities like school fees and entertainment. For that, we say a safe figure of 1000 NZD per month is quite realistic.


Auckland is really a nice place to live and work. To be really candid here, cost of living will always depend upon your individual lifestyle. The good part here is that you can control your expenses by changing the way you live. Anyways living anywhere in New Zealand is not that expensive.