It comes as no surprise that New Zealand is now a hotbed for Chinese Immigration. In fact, it has surpassed the UK which use to attract maximum people of China. There are many reasons for Chinese people to make New Zealand their new home. What they like the most is the freedom the country provides.

New Zealand is a land of dreams. It provides everything that a person can need to grow completely. The cities and towns are ultra secure with almost zero crime rate. That’s because NZ is a country which takes a person character very seriously. The legal system is also supportive of peace. In fact, its the prosperity and the legal freedom that the country provides is what attracts the Chinese people to New Zealand.

It is not just the skilled workers that come from China to New Zealand. The immigration pattern indicates that wealthy Chinese people are also investing heavily in NZ and moving here for a permanent settlement. Let’s explore what else the country offers to Chinese people.

Why Chinese Immigration to New Zealand is Such a Big Thing?

There are many good reasons for Chinese Immigration to New Zealand. Chinese Immigration to New Zealand gives the people China a new hope and a robust future.


New Zealand is home to some of the best education institutes in the world. We have a very practical approach to teaching our students. Our education courses are completely job oriented and the curriculum is revised from time to time keeping the local and global demand in mind. This makes our university pass outs job ready. Something which is seldom seen in other countries. What’s more, our education is not expensive. For PR holders and citizens school level education is almost free and university level education is highly subsidized.

Health Care

New Zealand also has the best public health care system in the world. State of the art medical centers is present in every major part of the country. Doctors are very well trained and are equipped with the latest technology that prevails in the field of medical science. For PR holders and citizens, medical care expense is negligible. You can live a long and healthy life without worries in New Zealand.


New Zealand is really a secure country when compared to China, or for that matter any other place on earth. Violent crimes are rare. The crime rate is really low and limited to petty incidences. The legal system is pro-citizens and there are no oppressive rules and laws in the country. NZ takes pride in taking an individuals character way too seriously. We don’t allow shady characters to enter our land under any circumstances. Natural citizens of the country are by nature law-abiding and very adjusting to the migrant population. Policing system of New Zealand is tech-savvy and some of the cities are like 100 percent under surveillance. Another big point to make New Zealand your new home.

Job Opportunities

For the right person, New Zealand offers the best platform to boost your career. Your skills should match the one country requires. For this one can refer to the short term and long term skills shortage lists. If your qualifications and characters fall under the eligibility criterion then very soon you would be a part of the NZ job market. New Zealand is a robustly growing economy and is always looking for the right persons to contribute towards its growth.

Business Opportunities

New Zealand offers ample avenues for business people and entrepreneurs from China. The country is the hotbed for launching tech-related startups. If you have a zeal and an idea to back it up, then come over. We have everything else you need. People can also make investments in the country and be eligible for PR. To know more about this option it would be wise to get in touch with us.