Borders Open - Travellers and Employers Beware

New Zealand Government’s recent announcement easing border restrictions aimed toward finally opening borders for all begins implementation shortly.

I’ll speak with you all quite frankly and in kiwi-speak regarding NZ’s current state of affairs – more will come – always anticipate Govt thought…. Have spent 30 years advocating for migrants – 25 years as a top Immigration officer and past 5 on the other side of the fence advocating for migrant settlement.

Those Seeking Entry

Shifting sands continued due to covid, things can change in an instant - Don’t be too excited and expect with border openings shifted suddenly to benefit you unless you are educated enough to have secured a visa pre-arrival in a job sustainable with a lawfully enduring compliant employer well-tested paying very well with scope for business and position growth. If you have a partner or family well based in NZ you may fair well in future endeavours as has always been, but the connection must be strong, with history and enduring. If simply arriving visa free hoping for the best, do not arrive with documentation indicative of intention to settle – this includes employment seeking information and partnership establishment initiatives, risking turnaround at the border. Bonafide visitor rules apply – mostly sufficient funds to support a stay, an itinerary of activities, and a return ticket. Tourism. FFS employment and life history docs in an online world can be recalled for the purpose at any time lol. Don’t be that idiot…. If you have any aspects which could be perceived as a judgement of poor character based on common general human understandings or health-related matters outside what is regular and normal (you know who you are), you must seek expert advice as these areas are fundamental for entry beyond anything else through the proper visa application. Discuss with ProVisas critically.

There will be a barrage of keen travellers to come to good-ole safe New Zealand. It is worthwhile outlaying your current circumstances and reasons for intending to travel with Professional Visa Solutions to ensure you are seamlessly well-covered.


Here it finally comes after naturally bleeding all out due to COVID and constant economy hammering. Do not doubt that implementation will change hereon. July it is. INZ will weed out those deemed poor employers – easy for them to cull-off the smaller. The benchline will be those that have shifted temporary visa migrants through their doors maliciously ie. replacing, with a history of it. Employers be on your best behaviour and stand up straight. It is not as “easy” process as INZ portray, particularly to future-proof yourselves. Many are borderline as has become an inherent culture, a 50/50 call, seek expert advice to swing in your favour. Contact Professional Visa Solutions to resolve any niggles that sit with you.

Existing Visas

The new announcement has not been entirely favourable. Separated partnerships – unless an NZ-based partner has spent a good stint living with the applicant (2-3 months intermittently over time, the COVID impact will not be considered by INZ deterring) you will not have much chance, regardless of intended/booked travels to with your loved one, unless you can leave NZ shortly for a deeply committed period with your partner (2 months minimum suggested) to make up living together periods over past few years, leave accrual and negotiations with the employer to retain your livelihood vs retainable and valued skill upon return are critical now – don’t worry migrants, strong employment law prevents sacking for unjustifiable reasons – employers- consider retention in-line with accredited employer compulsory requirements –value and contributory growth.

General Note – these comments are fore-frontal, based on 30 years experience, I’ll be providing more as digress INZ plans and project yet again the impacts of changes and what they mean for the benefit of all.

- Nathan Smith
  Associate Adviser at Professional Visa Solutions
  Licence No.: 201901102

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