It is always better to do some research whenever you do something new, likewise doing some research about New Zealand before you arrive. This means there will be fewer surprises and makes it much easier like leaving in the home. First of all, get the printout of your entire documents: visa, bank proclamations, return plane tickets if necessary. It’s a smart thought to have photocopies of your visa and driver’s license since you’ll require them once you’re in New Zealand. Verify whether you need an international driver’s license.

The most commonly needed documents are:

  • Your date of birth certificates
  • Your academic qualifications
  • Credit references
  • Your marriage certificates
  • Your CV (Curriculum Vitae/Resume)
  • References from previous employers

Color photocopies and documents in your regional language are normally accepted, but, if you’re submitting the resident or temporary applications under the category of entrepreneur visa, then original documents or certified English translations should be submitted.

Things you should do before leaving, that will make your transition less challenging

One tip to know is that you can open a New Zealand bank account before you land in the nation. some banks need your IRD (tax) number to open a bank account while others just need your identity proof and visas.

It is better to open a bank account and have some money in the account before you leave your country. The majority of the banks are trustworthy all through New Zealand: BNZ, ANZ, Kiwibank, Westpac, ASB. For e.g. Westpac is a part of a union with Bank of America which can mean less charges.

Purchase a Travel Insurance

Before you leave your country, you need to buy travel insurance. This is required for your visa and you’ll surely need it if you have to visit a doctor under any circumstance amid your stay. New Zealand’s all-inclusive medicinal services do not apply to travelers.

How to get a job

In case you’re considering coming to New Zealand to work for a couple of years, or perhaps to settle, you’ll require a work or resident visa. To get that – you should probably get a job.

It is absolutely ok and lawful to apply for a job before you get a visa. employers, by and large, understand the circumstance, and when you find a new job, they will assist you with your visa application. However, you can’t start the job until your visa is approved.

Don’t keep your expectations high and just remember why you are in New Zealand? and you will be fine and dandy. It’s an easy nation to move to.

How to get accommodation?

Every visitor will have their own perception about where to live? and it generally relies upon what are you happy with? In case you’re tight on budget, search for a job that also gives accommodation. There are some sources for finding ranches, families or private businesses searching for help in return for accommodation.

Lastly, it’s better to have a grip on the English language, so if you are not a natural English speaker, you can join a course to improve the language. And Check out the NZ Ready. It’ll help you with all the related information and useful links.