Be Aware of Deadlines Over Your Dream Holidays in New Zealand!

The NZ tourism organization is striving to make New Zealand the best tourist destination across the world. Keep reading!

With such remarkable snow-covered mountains, continuing hills, and plentiful amounts of wine, NZ has always been a dream destination on everyone’s bucket list. However knowledgeable you would be as a traveler, planning a vacation to a country like NZ can be complicated. The idyllic landscapes and lush green mountains will keep you hungover throughout the trip. Though it is a small country situated in the southern part of the Hemisphere, there are tons of things to explore and visit. The journey involves places to visit, but there is a lot of money involved when it comes to visiting NZ. No matter if you are a solo traveler, a backpacker, or a honeymooner, this article is for you. Keep reading.

So, where do you want to start from? From choosing posh hotels to sorting out visas, that dream destination holiday to NZ can be breathtaking and overwhelming. Perhaps, if you want to enjoy the exotic destinations of NZ and explore the fascinating cultures of the island, you need to start applying for the relevant visitor and group visitor visas. Have no clue about them? Book a consultation with our top-rated immigration advisors. They will be happy to help you in all ways.

Explore the Map of New Zealand

The best way to discover NZ before the holiday reaches its deadline is by studying its basic geography and layout. The geographical map of NZ is divided into North and South Island with sand beaches, hot water springs in North and glaciers, and majestic mountains in the south. Before starting the holiday trip, it is essential for you to study the maps of both the islands.

  • North Island: If you are a beach person, you would like to visit a lot of places. Auckland, Waiheke Island, Coromandel, and Lake Taupo are some of the areas that you would never want to miss.
  • South Island: If you are a mountain person South Island is the best place to visit around. Queenstown, Wanaka, Lake Tekapo, and Franz Josep are some of the breathtaking places that will keep you driving through the bush and woods.

If you don’t want seasons and temperature to affect your trip, you should have a close check on them. Keep reading the blog to have a quick season guide of NZ.

1. Summer (December to February)

There are countless amazing beaches that can make you feel energetic and extraordinary in NZ. The best time to visit beaches is from December through February. During this time, the temperature is perfect, which attracts more and more tourists across the world.

2. Autumn (March to May)

This season can be best for skiing in NZ because this experience can be fun and exciting. But this season is less touristy, and tourists can experience chills and cold weather around this time of the year.

3. Spring (September to November)

This is also the best time to visit NZ because the season switches between hot and cold weather. The tourists are less in number. Hence you can enjoy the magical beauty of NZ for a more extended period.

Hit a Budget

Once you have decided the places that you want to discover in NZ, it is the moment to determine your expenditure throughout the trip. Frankly, NZ is much more expensive than any other country that you would plan a trip to. Everything here in NZ is priced very heavily, be it plane tickets, hotel accommodations, food, and transportation. Therefore it is recommended to fix a budget before the start of the holiday trip. Flights tickets are usually priced seasonally and according to the demands. Hence there are lesser chances of saving a significant amount of them.

Activities to do in NZ

Everything you plan for an NZ trip will genuinely depend on the budget that you set for the journey. The budget will command your activities, and the undertakings will regulate the number of days you spend in NZ. Preparing a list of all the activities that you would perform in NZ would save your time and money to a large extent. This part mentions various activities that you could enjoy both in the North and South Islands.

North Island

  1. Rotorua: The place is best known for Geothermal Park, Hot Water Pools, and Polynesian spa. You can enjoy the blue sea water running through your feet which will make you feel like heaven.
  2. Bay of Island: Seeing and swimming with dolphins is always on a wish list if you visit NZ. Dolphin Eco Experience can be best enjoyed at the Bay of the Island in the Northern part of the Island.
  3. Lake Taupo: Hiking, skydiving, and Wine tours are always fun in NZ. You can explore all the three great activities here at Lake Taupo.

South Island

  1. Queenstown: Queenstown can be a magnificent experience for people who want to enjoy Bungee Jump, hiking, and Jet Boating. Once you are in Queenstown, you cannot resist visiting these places.
  2. Franz Josef: If you are a sky lover. Franz Josef is the place that you should not miss. The helicopter ride across the Island is breathtaking and magical. A ride you cannot resist!

Latest Announcements Regarding Visitor and Group Visitor Visas in New Zealand

INZ and the NZ Government are working in tandem and bringing about several visa revisions and restrictions. Let’s look at some of the pertinent announcements that will impact the people who want to visit this island nation for vacation.

1. Pre-departure COVID testing

Now that you know every detail about enjoying your best time in New Zealand, it is essential to understand how to get there. The latest rule by the INZ demands that you do a pre-departure COVID test and carry the relevant reports with you. This rule does not apply to people flying from Australia and a host of Pacific island nations.

Apart from a pre-departure COVID test, it is mandatory to book a quarantine or a managed isolation facility through the online allocation portal. You will need to undergo the tests thrice within the two weeks of controlled isolation in the country.

2. Visitor Visa extensions

The INZ has announced that Visitor Visas have been automatically extended by two months. This extension applies for those who-

  • Are in New Zealand on the 19th of February, 2021
  • Are in New Zealand and hold a temporary Visitor Visa that expires between 19th of February 2021 and 31st of March 2021 (both dates inclusive)

No additional fees will be charged for these automatic visa extensions. But this extension does not apply to the newest visa that the INZ has introduced during the pandemic- the COVID-19 Short Term Visitor Visa.

It might be a subject matter of much confusion as the new expiry dates are yet to be visible on the visas. Still, the visa extensions remain valid. The NZ Visitor and Group Visitor Visa holders who are eligible for the extension are not considered unlawful. Instead, the country’s Visa Verification Service has started making the new expiry dates available on the visas from the 5th of March, 2021.

If you are an NZ Visitor Visa or a Group Visitor Visa holder and your dream holidays are coming to an end, you can apply for another visa before the current one expires. You can check your application and processing status by booking a consultation with our immigration NZ experts.

3. Nine out of eighteen-month rule waiver

There was a rule where the temporary NZ visitor visa holders could stay in the country for nine months out of eighteen months. This rule has been temporarily waived. This rule is applicable for everyone who applies for NZ Visitor and Group Visitor Visas on or before the end of June 2021. If every requirement regarding a visitor visa is met, the applicants will be eligible for a visitor visa valid for six months.

Summing up

With all these newest provisions, you should know that the off-shore visa processing times have increased. The visa processing was suspended for quite some time and has resumed only recently. Hence, you should plan accordingly to avoid any adverse situation during your dream holidays in NZ.

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