New Zealand's Accredited Employer Job Check: Ensuring Fair Wages and Compliance with Employment Law

Become an Accredited Employer in New Zealand by participating in the Job Check process. Ensure fair wages and compliance with employment law for foreign workers.

As an employer in New Zealand, it's important to make sure that the jobs you offer meet certain standards. One way to do this is by applying for a job check from 20 June 2022. This process ensures that the jobs you offer pay market rate and comply with employment law.

The job check process is part of the Accredited Employer program in New Zealand. The Accredited Employer program is designed to make it easier for employers to recruit and employ foreign workers. By becoming an Accredited Employer, you demonstrate your commitment to offering fair and lawful employment conditions.

Some job checks may also involve a labour market test. The labour market test shows that the employer has genuinely advertised the role to New Zealanders and that there are no available New Zealand citizens or residents to fill the job. A labour market test is required for jobs that pay below the median wage.

However, a labour market test is not required for certain jobs. In cities such as Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, and Dunedin, jobs that pay at or above 200% the median wage or are on a skills shortage list and pay at or above the median wage are exempt from the labour market test. In the regions, jobs that pay at or above the median wage are exempt.

By becoming an Accredited Employer, you can streamline the process of hiring foreign workers. The job check process ensures that your job offers are in line with the principles of paying fair wages and complying with employment law. This helps to create a level playing field for all employers and protects the rights of workers.

In conclusion, the Accredited Employer Job Check is an important step for employers in New Zealand to ensure that their job offers meet the standards set by the government. By participating in this program, employers can demonstrate their commitment to offering fair and lawful employment conditions to foreign workers.

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