Getting a visa to come to New Zealand involves getting the right immigration advice. This includes advice on the right visa to apply for and the right approach to take. It also includes advice if your case is complex, plus it includes hands-on assistance with completing the application form and preparing the supporting documents. Finally, it includes dealing directly with Immigration New Zealand regarding requests for information or in the circumstances of an appeal. When we started Professional Visa Solutions in 2014, we set out to provide this comprehensive range of services.

Our objective is to help you through every stage of the process, whatever your circumstances and whatever type of visa you want to apply for. We have helped thousands of people – individuals and families – realise their dream of coming to NZ to visit, study, work, or live. We can help with your plans too.

How We Make It Happen for You

Our approach is to provide honest, straightforward, and practical immigration advice, support, and help. After all, immigration law in New Zealand is complex. Making a successful visa application requires a thorough knowledge of the law. It also requires an understanding of the specific things that immigration officers look for when they evaluate a case, plus it requires an understanding of immigration case law.

When you engage Professional Visa Solutions, this is the expertise you get. All our immigration advisers are fully licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority and they have extensive experience. In addition, each member of our team is friendly, supportive, and professional. We understand that applying for a visa can be a stressful process, particularly considering the family and income situations that can be involved. We’ll ensure the process is as efficient and hassle free as possible.

What We Do

At Professional Visa Solutions, we offer a range of services including:

  • Advice if you are thinking of coming to New Zealand including advice on the type of visa to apply for, when you should apply, and more
  • Advice and help if your application is complex including if you have medical conditions or a criminal record
  • Information on how the visa application process works, including details of the points based system
  • Gathering the required information for your application including your personal details as well as supporting documentation
  • Completing the application and submitting it to Immigration New Zealand (INZ)
  • Dealing with INZ if clarifications or further information is required
  • Handling visa application appeals

About Inder Singh

Inder Singh is the founder and principle immigration adviser at Professional Visa Solutions. He has an impressive background in engineering, IT, and management with recognised qualifications and experience. This work led to an interest in immigration law and further study to get his immigration license. He then launched Professional Visa Solutions providing specialist advice on both temporary entry class visas and residence class visas.

Inder leads a dynamic and dedicated team who are committed to supporting clients and helping them with all immigration issues. At Professional Visa Solutions, we make it happen for you.