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Special Cases

Special Immigrant Visa Adviser – Immigration policy in New Zealand is very well structured. It has to be, given the numbers of people who want to spend extended periods of time and/or live in the country. When looked at generally, therefore, it is very efficient – people who meet pre-determined criteria get residency. The human experience sometimes presents a different picture though.

A system with well-defined rules, and where those rules are implemented fairly, will always have people that almost make the criteria, but just fall short. This can be very disappointing for those involved, but the system does make provisions for this. Special cases are considered, although only in exceptional circumstances. It is very important to understand, however, that special cases are very rare and account for a tiny proportion of people given residency status.

Special Immigrant Visa

The immigration system in New Zealand is well established. Understandably, it must have strict rules and guidelines in placein order to function properly and ensure everyone is treated fairly and according to the same criteria. The problem with this, of course, is that life doesn’t always fit neatly into categories and criteria. As a result, the system does make provision for special cases.

It is important to note, however, that getting a special immigrant visa in New Zealand is very rare. It is also a very complex area of the law which requires specialist advice.

At Professional Visa Solutions, we have experience dealing with special cases, complex applications, and visa application problems. We will give you the best possible advice on how to proceed plus we can represent you in dealings with the immigration authorities and other institutions.

If you find you are in a special case situation or another type of difficulty, please contact us to arrange a consultation as soon as possible. This particularly applies to Section 61 requests (see below). The sooner you get advice and start dealing with the issue, the better your chances of success.

Section 61 Request

A Section 61 request is an option that may be available if you find yourself unlawfully in New Zealand. One of the most common examples of this is if you had a visa but it has expired. Legally, you should have left the country. That said, the government recognises there are exceptional circumstances that can result in people finding themselves in this situation.

A Section 61 request is not a guarantee you will be able to stay in New Zealand. In fact, you can still be deported despite making this request plus the immigration officer handling your case is not even obligated to look at it. Also, the immigration officer doesn’t have to tell you why the request is refused.

These are just some of the reasons why you need professional support and help when making a Section 61 request. There is a lot of information required and the details you include in the request are often your only chance of being able to stay in New Zealand. Contact us to get help today.

Other Situations Where We Can Help

  • Immigration Appeals – if you are unhappy with a decision about your visa, we can help you make an appeal to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal.
  • Ministerial or special directions – immigration law in New Zealand is not static. In other words, it is subject to change depending on government priorities, economic conditions, and other factors. Those changes often come in the form of special directions or ministerial directions. It can be challenging if those directions affect your visa – if they do, you should contact us for help.
  • Complaints – if you would like to make a complaint about your visa application or anything else to do with the immigration process, we can help you prepare and submit your complaint to the Client Complaint Resolution Process.
  • Deportation – we can also help with professional advice and practical assistance if you are facing deportation.
For any of the above situations, including making a Section 61 request, please contact Professional Visa Solutions today on XXXXX.
Special Cases
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