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Partnership Work Visa NZ 

New Zealand is a great place to live and spend your life. It’s good for professional and personal life. The country offers ample opportunities for everything that a human would need to grow.

New Zealand has some of the best infrastructures that sustain and promotes development. Be it the urban centers, the public health care system or it’s education system everything is world-class. Add to it the natural beauty of the place. The landscape is really inspiring and that’s one of the reasons that Kiwi people take the phenomenon of work-life balance way too seriously. The nation as a whole has complete focus on overall development of a human being.

There are many ways by which one can enter the country for work and for a living. One of them is getting a partnership work visa NZ, for getting this Visa one should have a stable and evidence-based relation with a New Zealander. Your partner should either be a resident or a citizen of the country. This visa allows you to work and live in the country. Partnership work visa NZ is a great way to experience the country.

With this visa, you can
  • Come to New Zealand with your partner.
  • Work in New Zealand.
  • Study for up to 3 months.
  • 2 years, if you’ve been living with your partner for more than 12 months, or
  • 1 year, if you’ve been living with your partner for less than 12 months.

Please note that you don’t need a job offer in order to apply for this visa. If this visa is granted to you then you can come to the country and work for any employer where your qualification and skill set match. Also, you cannot club any of your dependent children in this visa. If your dependent children want to join you in the country then they have to apply under different visa categories which suit the requirement.

It would be in the best interest of the applicant to seek guidance from a licensed immigration adviser like us. This will save a lot of time and will be economical too.

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